Thursday, October 27, 2011

Disney Magic & More!

We were so blessed, my friend gave us tickets to Disney on Ice! The boys were in awe and I thought Judah was going to burst out of his seat in anticipation of Buzz Lightyear popping out of the box! 
 I was literally having a moment when all the Disney Princes & Princesses came out on the ice, tearing up thinking about life with a little daughter and how I can share some of these special GIRL moments with her, when Judah starts tugging on my sleeve asking MOM! MOM! Where is that bad guy? Why did he die? Where did he go? Was he a bad guy? (referring to Gaston who immediately before this scene "died" in the battle with the Beast) and then when Jasmine & Aladin skated out Quinn shouted "WHERE'S THE MONKEY".....  ahhhhh, life with boys. :)
We all looked like we were in pain here (well, not Guillermo), but I can say I was truly in pain. It turns out I sprained my ankle as we basically ran a half mile across the streets & parking lots to get to the show in time! 
I've learned my lesson, as Ramon from Cars would say "Low & Slow" for me.... 
Parenting 101: Do not tell your child that MAYBE  you can get that light up toy after the show (once you find them and see how much they are)... only to find out it'd be $20 each for a stupid light up toy that will be lost/broken in 2 months and then your 4 year old proceeds to have the worst meltdown he's had in 2 years.  

But his misery was short lived...... thank goodness.....

We had our annual pumpkin carving at Mimi & Papa's house.  Of course we had to carve Mickey in honor of the ice show the night before! 
The boys loved playing in the pulp, which they giggled incessantly because it sounded like POOP. Ahhh, they are my boys after all. 
We had to go it free-hand this year because I had a hard time printing out templates..... 
But I think we did alright! 
Every year we go to a pumpkin patch/ fall festival and my favorite one in the Charleston area is Moncks Corner's West Farm Corn Maze. They had a little maze for the little guys.... 
Play areas, the best is their corn box (like a giant sand box but filled with corn kernels), hay rides, petting zoo area...... 
And we got to go with our friends, and Judah's precious little friend from his old daycare, Gabe. 

It's amazing how they remember each other and just love each other even a few years later! I remember when these two were lying in cribs next to each other as infants! 
And no weekend is complete without the boys giving their sister lots o' love!  
That's all for now folks! 


Julie said...

I love the family pic at Disney on Ice. You look so good in your fedora. You don't even look pregnant! From now on, make sure all pictures are taken with the photographer standing on a laddder! :)

The pic with the boys in the black & grey hats next to the pumpkin is one of my favorites. You always find the cutest boys clothes.

Wish we could have carved our pumpkins together. You guys put me to shame. I'm a kindergarten pumpkin carver and you guys are definitely college level!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and seeing photos of the boys. Can't wait to meet the next Soler!

Robyn Oglesby

Home school Mom said...

OH my goodness! I LOVE your pumpkins! How on earth do you do all of that free hand and cut them all out! AMAZING!!! You need to come do ours! ;))
Disney on Ice would be amazing! How FUN! I have always wanted to take our kids to see that. I bet it's SO MUCH FUN for the kids! (and let's face it: parents! ;)
What a fun fall you are having! Can't wait to see part 2 of the costumes! :))

theschmoo said...

The picture of Judah kissing your tummy is amazing. I want to cry.