Saturday, October 29, 2011

NACHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Halloween Part 1

I LOOOOOOVE to dress up & thankfully my kids do too!  Every year we get to dress up twice, once at our friend's annual Halloween party & then again on Halloween night. Murphy's law: if I dressed them in their actual Halloween night costume for this party, the costume would be shredded/stained/markered up/half eaten by animals, who knows. So we just do two costumes.

Costume #1 was Nacho Libre!

Strike a pose.

I love the fake mustaches the best!

On the ride I told Quinn & Judah that they had to yell "Naaaaaaaaa-CHO" and everyone would laugh and Quinn corrected me that everyone would laugh at his funny underwear. LOL.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Disney Magic & More!

We were so blessed, my friend gave us tickets to Disney on Ice! The boys were in awe and I thought Judah was going to burst out of his seat in anticipation of Buzz Lightyear popping out of the box! 
 I was literally having a moment when all the Disney Princes & Princesses came out on the ice, tearing up thinking about life with a little daughter and how I can share some of these special GIRL moments with her, when Judah starts tugging on my sleeve asking MOM! MOM! Where is that bad guy? Why did he die? Where did he go? Was he a bad guy? (referring to Gaston who immediately before this scene "died" in the battle with the Beast) and then when Jasmine & Aladin skated out Quinn shouted "WHERE'S THE MONKEY".....  ahhhhh, life with boys. :)
We all looked like we were in pain here (well, not Guillermo), but I can say I was truly in pain. It turns out I sprained my ankle as we basically ran a half mile across the streets & parking lots to get to the show in time! 
I've learned my lesson, as Ramon from Cars would say "Low & Slow" for me.... 
Parenting 101: Do not tell your child that MAYBE  you can get that light up toy after the show (once you find them and see how much they are)... only to find out it'd be $20 each for a stupid light up toy that will be lost/broken in 2 months and then your 4 year old proceeds to have the worst meltdown he's had in 2 years.  

But his misery was short lived...... thank goodness.....

We had our annual pumpkin carving at Mimi & Papa's house.  Of course we had to carve Mickey in honor of the ice show the night before! 
The boys loved playing in the pulp, which they giggled incessantly because it sounded like POOP. Ahhh, they are my boys after all. 
We had to go it free-hand this year because I had a hard time printing out templates..... 
But I think we did alright! 
Every year we go to a pumpkin patch/ fall festival and my favorite one in the Charleston area is Moncks Corner's West Farm Corn Maze. They had a little maze for the little guys.... 
Play areas, the best is their corn box (like a giant sand box but filled with corn kernels), hay rides, petting zoo area...... 
And we got to go with our friends, and Judah's precious little friend from his old daycare, Gabe. 

It's amazing how they remember each other and just love each other even a few years later! I remember when these two were lying in cribs next to each other as infants! 
And no weekend is complete without the boys giving their sister lots o' love!  
That's all for now folks! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall in Love with Fall

Now, I DO love fall, and if fall would only come & STAY.. I guess I should just be thankful it was cold enough this morning to wear a long sleeved shirt & to have our windows open at night...... although yesterday at the fall festival, I did get a sunburn and was sweating (I'll try to forget that part)....

I haven't posted our activies for a long time, because the boys work out of curriculum books now, but for the holidays, we do every possible holiday themed craft out there! Jack-o-lantern, cats and fall wreathes made out of paper plates, ghost bag puppets, corn & spider construction paper (thank God for such a creative & artistic nanny).... OR if you don't feel like getting the supplies, they have awesome $1 fall crafts at AC Moore (see the top black cat & pumpkin)...
I LOOOOOVE fall fairs. #1- they are free,  #2- they are usually PERFECT for younger kids,  #3- they are free.... wait, did I say that?  My work- the City of Hanahan throws a great fall festival, and several of our friends came out: Auntie Beth & the boys! 
Lemme tell you how awesome it is to add "flutes" to our toy box (that make a high pitched Squeeeeeaaaaaak). Thanks City of Hanahan. ;) 
The boys got to get their faces painted. Shhh, don't tell Guillermo but Quinn wanted to get the "rooster" on his cheek (which was actually a Gamecock)- of course I convinced him to do his next favorite choice so not to break his Dad's heart. 
I love the bat, and I love how the lady asked if Judah wanted it sparkly and OF COURSE he did. LOL.
The McBrides! On the hayride where our "scary" adventure was to scare away the 17 foot alligator named Cory at the Resevoir (and yes, we had a LOT more than Cory to worry about, our last Council meeting they said there are estimated 285 adult alligators in that resevoir!!!) Luckily they don't seem to come out of the water and bother people a lot...
Our friend Scott let the boys play in his "race car" (his awesome '73 Corvette)- the boys were in Heaven! 
They think they're the Turbo Dogs! 
We got to celebrate Ivan & Kat's new awesome house with their house-warming party! 
It's the best feeling in the world to watch your friends & family love & dote on your kids. The boys LOVE  Masie! 
And Adam!  
And the boys must've thought they were so cool this weekend when they got to "drive" not only a race car but also their Tio's Harley! You know Judah is imagining flying down the street right here! Vroom vroom! 
Fall days are HAPPY days to me, I just can't get enough fall. I just wish I were in Michigan right now....
it really is the most amazing place in the world to be in the fall, and it is my goal to get there someday to show Guillermo & the boys!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Apples & Oranges? Nah, maybe a crunchy apple vs. a baked apple?

Judah and Quinn are usually very similar (to me)... at least not the extreme opposite personalities that my sisters and I have (and Guillermo and his brother).... but then weekends like this remind me that they are in fact very different and have different strengths and weaknesses...
Judah has known exactly what he wants from day one. He's not afraid of anything, he's very fun, loves his little buddies and is very loyal and protective. He likes to negotiate and is very diplomatic, if the terms make sense to him (which is good for settling disagreements). He likes to be snuggled, but not too much and is very proud of his muscles and courage. He's the leader of the pack and always has fun ideas for he & Quinn to get into.... 
And Quinn is the happy follower and my little people pleaser. He's so sensitive to others needs, extermely complimentary and is extremely self-less. He has the best sense of humor and usually "gets" the joke before most of the other kids, even at a very young age. He is a total ham. He is extremely loving and loves to snuggle and has Guillermo & my need to smother their siblings with physical love- even when they are in clear discomfort.
Like this...... (Judah was hoping for a wrestling match, Quinn thought he was giving him a hug)
 I just love it, we have so many pics like this, where Quinn is just reveling in the moment of love between with his bestie, and Judah is like, GET OFF ME, I want to play with my cars again- although, don't get me wrong, Judah loves Quinn to peices, he just doesn't love to hug every ten minutes....
And then at the bounce place, which they have been working towards for over a month of stickers- they were SO excited and we talked about it every day- but when they got there, Judah was in Heaven...
Quinn was goign through the motions, but defently more apprehensive. 
And he did NOT appreciate it when I tried to make him go talk to the giant Monkey (see the purple thing behind my head) - Judah on the other hand leapt out of the jump castle and chased after him until he acknowledged his presence.... 
And Quinn still cautiously goes down the slide backwards...... 
while Judah literally throws himself down head first hoping he'll bounce so high he'll fly off the ten foot slide....

But I also sit and think how amazing God is that he plans all of our personalities to fit perfectly together. Just like my sisters and I, and Guilermo & his brother are like the ying and the yang - we just work- the same way Judah, Quinn and pretty soon their baby sister will be... it's really fun to watch
well, that is until they've had their wits end of each other and have both bonked each other in the head or back or arm out of disgust for their behavior.... sigh....

Monday, October 3, 2011

That's How Ruff Ryders Roll!

Wouldn't that be so funny if I had a voice like DMX. That'd be so unexpected. It would've been perfect when I was a cop! LOL.

Do you have those ideas that you always think of at the worst moment, like on your ride to work on Monday morning and then by the time you can make it happen, like saturday, you don't remember the idea? Well, for weeks I've been wanting to take the boys somewhere new to ride their bikes. So, finally after we BUSTED OUR TAILS all weekend switching the boys to the playroom, to make room for our little girl in the boy's room, I thought THIS is the time to take the boys out biking. So even though it was sunset on sunday at the very tail end of our weekend, we ventured out in the delicious chilly-ness that has overtaken Charleston
(I am in Heaven, I think I love the cold weather more than I love my own children. JUST KIDDING!!).

Here's how our ruff ryders roll!

Guillermo reliving his childhood (thank God for strong Radio Flyer brand big wheels). 
Monkey see, monkey do, of course.

I love this picture! Look at that sky.

Almost 6 month bump.

If you're looking for some awesome shirts, like this Beastie Boys one, and Dia De Los Muertos, check out my friend's Etsy shop:

And this is the hard work:
Found these amazing bunk beds, on my Favorite shopping place: Craigslist, for $85! And Gmo painted a new coat of paint.

And here is the rest of the room, it may not look like a lot of work, but converting a FULL playroom into a half playroom/half bedroom took lots of work! The only thing left to do is paint the walls where we had to spackle all the shelving and pics that were there previously!

Can you believe I filled 3 hefty bags full of toys, 2 hefty bags of books & three huge piles of clothes from their current closets just to merge the two rooms? Unbelievable!
This closet was a storage unit for our family for the past 6 years. I think I pulled out a room's full of stuff out of this one closet alone. Ahhh, serenity now.

And look at that big empty closet waiting to be filled with bebe girl stuff! So excited!

So, that's like phase 1-3 of about 7 finished before bebe girl comes, keep posted for more renovations! :)