Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hey, at least I don't make him wear matching outfits as me and call him my Danny Devito twin....

For my Dad's birthday I went through thousands of family pictures and scanned the most memorable 400 photos onto a thumb drive for his digital picture frame... I've always felt like Judah was my "mini me" but after looking at all of the pictures of my youth, I am convinced even more..

Of course, he has brown eyes and tan skin and I have blue eyes and super duper white skin.... but do you see the resemblance??

I'm not quite sure why, but most of my childhood I had a boys haircut.... so that made me look even more like my son! Lol.

And I think Quinn has Guillermo's exact face, but with my eyes.... so I'll have to scan in some of the few pics I have of Guillermo to show you the "proof" :)


Julie said...

I told you so!

Couldn't agree more. This is your mini-me. Your carbon copy.

So glad to have another one, just like you. :)


Mrs Woo said...

I also suffered with childhood boy haircut syndrome. It was bad, old men called me son.

but yes! he is your mini!

There is no doubting that I've been kicked in the guts well and truly this morning. Besides the somersault I felt about a month ago I hadn't been sure if I'd felt anything but this was an unmistakeable baby kick!!!

Home school Mom said...

ha ha...that's so funny. I do think he looks like you! That's funny you had a "boy cut" most of your too. Well, actually mine was more of a "bowl cut"...but....pretty much the same as a "boy cut". My kids will probably make fun of the way I did their hair too. Such cute pictures though.....and fun to know you have a "mini"! :D
I'm sorry I just wasted 5 minutes of your life talking about my childhood hair. ha ha! :)