Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bath time with Dad is a mess!

Sorry this post contains no photos, fun post with photos to come......

I just had to post this, especially for my Mother in Law who would get a nice laugh out of her son and her grandsons.

So every night we have our routine. Guillermo gives the boys a bath while I fly around the house like a mad woman doing about ten chores in that precious thirty minutes (if I'm lucky and if there is bubbles).  There is something about being under major pressure or a time crunch that brings out the most efficient person I can be.  During that time, I can unload the dishwasher, load it again, wipe down & clean up the kitchen, load/unload/fold/put away the laundry, clean up the last remaining toys, pick out clothes for the boys for the next day and lay out pjs and voila- we're all set to just LAY down after we put the boys to bed.  So last night I decided to just take it easy while putting away the boys laundry and actually listen to the bathtime conversation and this is what I heard:

Guillermo: Quinn! What is in your mouth?! Is that soap???


Guillermo: Guys, we do NOT eat soap!!

a few minutes later

Guillermo: Quinn! Do you need to use the bathroom again?? 

Quinn: No Daddy.

Guillermo: Stop pooting on your brother!

seconds later

Guillermo: WHAT IS THAT!!

Judah: What Daddy?

Guillermo: IS THAT POOP IN THE TUB????!!!!!!

*thank God it wasn't*

Oh dear.   


Home school Mom said...

ha ha FUNNY! Thanks for the laugh! :D

Mrs Woo said...

oh man! i am def. meant to have a girl!

Julie said...

I can completely imagine this scene playing out! You guys are hilarious!!!