Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Turning my inspiration room into a reality......

I'm posting this blog for my dear Grandma-in-law (Guillermo's Grandma) to see the nursery that she has so graciously offered to make some crib bedding & a twin sized blanket for her future twin bed. She is an amazing seamstress and the boys have some of her wonderful handmade blankets already. 

Thank you Abuela, we love you!

I had my inspiration room for the nursey and the thing I loved about the room was it was feminine but had masculine peices in it to keep it from being too overwhelming girly girl. It was colorful, but in a very subdued or nuetral way (calming). It had a combo of geometric patterns mixed with floral fabrics, but it all seemed to work in a fun hodge podge sort of way. This idea board helped me narrow down my ideas and make sure it all worked instead of insanity! 

When we're done with the room (in the next few months), I'll be sure to post pics! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Born Day and stuff!

This year the Lord gave me the best birthday present! It was the coldest it's been in over 5 months the weekend of my birthday!  Like 20 degrees cooler. I was in Heaven! We opened all the windows & got caramel apples, apple cider and I made apple sauce- CHUNKY with lots o' cinnamon. Birthday or not, it was just an amazing weekend.
My big gift was my amazing new camera- a Canon S95 (they say it's the best digital camera without getting a DSLR- which if you're a camera idiot like me, is just perfect)...... so you can say I'm just a little more paparazzi-ish on my family than normal. 

My ultimate weekend is spending a LOT of time in PJs, Lots of family time, Lots of games & movies & laughs! 

We had lots of dance parties, and Judah has been trying to break dance, from his new favorite show the "Fresh Beat Band" ....... 
We got to go to the park in the crisp cool air... 
Climbing the walls without breaking a sweat....  (unless you're me, and at 5.5 months pregnant you break a sweat just climbing the stairs)
And Clemson had an awesome weekend, therefore extremely happy hubs.
And my coworkers made me feel so special with lots of treats which made my desk so cheerful 
And posted special signs around my office.... LOL... 
This is the only picture I got of our awesome date night with James & Elizabeth (thanks so much Denise for watching the kids!) where we got amazing Thai food (and the yummy cupcakes from cupcake, thanks J&E!) and watched a horror movie (even with all the obnoxious teenagers screaming in the theater, we had a great time)... 
And a special lunch with my parents 
Here's to 33! (Quinn has the appropriate- getting older sucks face). ;)
Truly the best gift in life is such AMAZING people in my life. I am blown away by all of you and all of the wonderful blessings in our life. I am just so blessed by my kids, my husband, my parents, my sisters & their families, my inlaws, my wonderful friends that are like family, my sweet coworkers from current and old jobs who have become close friends, my church family from current & old churches, and even new friends that I've met thru blog world. I am so thankful for you all, and you have made my life so wonderful & full!

September & early October are awesome times to celebrate some very special people's "born day" too!
My sweet new "nephew" Levi Robert Van Houten was born on September 7th! 
Quinn was in Heaven holding baby Levi!  
Happy birthday to my amazing, smart, kind, thoughtful, talented, Martha Stewart-ish, best friend ever sister Julie!  (Julie, I love you dressed as Cleopatra, I had to post this pic) :)
Happy birthday to my incredible, handsome, funny, paleontologist, encylopedia brain little nephew Devon! 
Happy birthday to my awesome, super talented, smart & driven, encouraging, fun & best sense of humor sister!
Happy Birthday to my super fun, rap-tastic, sweet sister in law!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bath time with Dad is a mess!

Sorry this post contains no photos, fun post with photos to come......

I just had to post this, especially for my Mother in Law who would get a nice laugh out of her son and her grandsons.

So every night we have our routine. Guillermo gives the boys a bath while I fly around the house like a mad woman doing about ten chores in that precious thirty minutes (if I'm lucky and if there is bubbles).  There is something about being under major pressure or a time crunch that brings out the most efficient person I can be.  During that time, I can unload the dishwasher, load it again, wipe down & clean up the kitchen, load/unload/fold/put away the laundry, clean up the last remaining toys, pick out clothes for the boys for the next day and lay out pjs and voila- we're all set to just LAY down after we put the boys to bed.  So last night I decided to just take it easy while putting away the boys laundry and actually listen to the bathtime conversation and this is what I heard:

Guillermo: Quinn! What is in your mouth?! Is that soap???


Guillermo: Guys, we do NOT eat soap!!

a few minutes later

Guillermo: Quinn! Do you need to use the bathroom again?? 

Quinn: No Daddy.

Guillermo: Stop pooting on your brother!

seconds later

Guillermo: WHAT IS THAT!!

Judah: What Daddy?

Guillermo: IS THAT POOP IN THE TUB????!!!!!!

*thank God it wasn't*

Oh dear.   

Monday, September 12, 2011

You're going to have 2 awesome bros!

We're already preparing the big brothers for life with a little sister. About being gentle, and how her favorite thing is hugging & kissing, and how they cannot feed her a lollipop or gum.....

But I think they'll be awesome big brothers and teach her some awesome things!
Like how to ROCK or walk as Quinn says.... 
How to throw a spiraling football or a wicked curve ball... 
How to love your sibling when two seconds earlier he accidentally (or not so accidentally) hit you upside the head.... 
How to get her groove on..... 
Learning how to serve others before yourself....
How to sneak in your parents electronics and take funny pictures when your parents didn't even realize you knew how to operate the camera when it was turned off.....

And how to rope your bro in the naughty action (well, we don't want them to teach her this, I imagine she'll learn all by herself)... 
She'll learn how it's more awesome to cuddle than do just about anything else (at least for 48 seconds)
How there is a fine line between loving the dog and torturing the dog....
And there is nothing wrong with loving a giant purple dinosaur who sings horrible songs...
How most things in life are funny, it's just a matter of perspective.....
How to be humble when you win a game and not yell I WIN and run around the house (we're working on that- with Judah, not Quinn, btw)...
How to eat whatever is in front of you at least ONE bite and to not beg for ice cream at 8am and say "but I'm huuuuuunnnngeeeeeeeeee" like you haven't eaten in two weeks and only cure is ice cream... 

And most of all, to teach her how to love each other and love God..... And if they could teach how to be an awesome sleeper like they are 99% of the time, I'd appreciate that too. ;)

Friday, September 9, 2011

I am STILL in shock!!!

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it true? Could I possibly be having a baby girl? I just can't even believe it. My intuition is so wrong I just can't believe it. For about 3 weeks of the past 5 months I felt like it was a girl, the other 4 months 1 week I thought it was a boy. So in the past three weeks, I felt like it was a girl, then yesterday and last night, I was SURE, 100% positive it was a boy (as sure as I thought Quinn was a girl- and of course I was 100% wrong with that one too)...

So, my track record of being TOTALLY WRONG is pretty much 100% at this point. If you want to know the gender of your baby, just ask me. Whatever I think it is, it's the opposite. ;)

I am just in so much awe that the Lord would see fit that our family needs a girl. To be honest, having two genders freaks me out, as our life as "all boys" has been much easier and I have everything, know what to expect, and having a baby girl and that whole worlds is fairly intimidating, but I am just so excited and grateful! Ahhhhh!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hey, at least I don't make him wear matching outfits as me and call him my Danny Devito twin....

For my Dad's birthday I went through thousands of family pictures and scanned the most memorable 400 photos onto a thumb drive for his digital picture frame... I've always felt like Judah was my "mini me" but after looking at all of the pictures of my youth, I am convinced even more..

Of course, he has brown eyes and tan skin and I have blue eyes and super duper white skin.... but do you see the resemblance??

I'm not quite sure why, but most of my childhood I had a boys haircut.... so that made me look even more like my son! Lol.

And I think Quinn has Guillermo's exact face, but with my eyes.... so I'll have to scan in some of the few pics I have of Guillermo to show you the "proof" :)