Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekends like this should never end......

Last weekend my parents and my family met up with my sisters and their families in Greenville to have a surprise 60th birthday party for my Dad! We planned every detail before the trip, which helped build the excitement even more!
Rebecca even made these awesome goodie plates for each of our rooms! I mean, if you can't stuff your face at the end of a long day in your hotel room, what kind of vacation is it??  
The sweetest thing in the world is how much Judah & Devon and Quinn & Dean love each other! They held hands NON-stop the whole weekend..  

I guess holding hands with the family you love just sort of runs in our family... 
LOL. Kidding. 
We each got to chose a restaurant for the trip, and I chose a Mexican restaurant called Papa's & Beers. This place was AMAYYY-ZEEENG. Best mexi-restaurant I've ever eaten at. And even worth the 1.5 hour wait....They even had a mariachi band playing while you ate.  Definitely a party atmostphere. 
Guillermo ordered the BIGGEST burrito I've ever seen in my life! That thing could've fed 6 hungry adults! (Unfortunately he couldn't finish it all, but it fed him for dinner two days later!) 
Everyone was coming over taking pictures of his giant burrito!  
But the real star was the birthday boy, who got serenaded by the band and smeared fried ice cream all over his face by the waiter! Ole!
Every family vacation we had growing up the whole trip was centered around swimming at the pool. And this vacation was the same. We swam more than we did anything else, several times a day! 
The boys must've jumped into the water 150 times! 
I LOVE this picture of my dear bro-in-law who has the energy of a kid! I WANT his energy! And I envy his jumping skeelz! 
Judah officially is swimming now and has learned to surface for air! My big boy! 
Quinn and his Papa! 
Mimi & her JuJubear. 
For my Dad's fancy birthday meal, Julie went all out on table decorations and an awesome hat! 

The theme was "It's a Wonderful Life"..... with pictures of my Dad growing up on the film reel...
I love my family more than anything else in the world and one of these days we'd better live in the same state! 
Love you guys! 

Took advantage of having my hair & makeup "did" and took the 4.5 month belly shot! (can you imagine what this belly will look like at 9 months??? I'm Scurred) 
Ahhhh, love & trouble (and in that order, love to the left, trouble to the right- lol) 
You can't have a trip without going to a flea market. When we left, we hit up the Anderson flea market and Mimi & Papa bought the boys guitars, which they've been playing non-stop (and breaking strings may I add)...  maybe they can be the Soler Mariachi band!

Looking forward to many more family celebrations!


Julie said...

Yay! So glad to see all the pictures I missed from the trip. So happy we got to spend the weekend with you guys!!!

What a cute pic of Dad in his birthday hat. Also, love the pic of Devon and Judah dressed up holding hands.... sooo cute! The pic of Firoze jumping in the pool is insane!!!!

Love, Julie

Mrs Woo said...

You Sherman girls make some good lookin kiddos! They're all so adorable!!! Looks like a really special & fun weekend. I love all of the thoughtful touches like Rebecca's goodie plates and Julie's table decorations. I know your Dad must have been bursting with pride in his family, no better way to celebrate a full life!

Jackie Miller said...

Man. You've got me wanting that huge burrito! And don't get me started on fried ice cream? What could be better than frying ice cream?! You look fabuloso in your pic!! Only a few months to go! Wish you guys would hurry up and figure out what you're having!! Love you!

bethdavidandtheboys said...

this post brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing family you have and that ya'll pulled off this special birthday celebration for you Dad. I just love the It's a Wonderful Life camera reel that Julie made for your Dad. So cool. You guys have the best fun!!