Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekends like this should never end......

Last weekend my parents and my family met up with my sisters and their families in Greenville to have a surprise 60th birthday party for my Dad! We planned every detail before the trip, which helped build the excitement even more!
Rebecca even made these awesome goodie plates for each of our rooms! I mean, if you can't stuff your face at the end of a long day in your hotel room, what kind of vacation is it??  
The sweetest thing in the world is how much Judah & Devon and Quinn & Dean love each other! They held hands NON-stop the whole weekend..  

I guess holding hands with the family you love just sort of runs in our family... 
LOL. Kidding. 
We each got to chose a restaurant for the trip, and I chose a Mexican restaurant called Papa's & Beers. This place was AMAYYY-ZEEENG. Best mexi-restaurant I've ever eaten at. And even worth the 1.5 hour wait....They even had a mariachi band playing while you ate.  Definitely a party atmostphere. 
Guillermo ordered the BIGGEST burrito I've ever seen in my life! That thing could've fed 6 hungry adults! (Unfortunately he couldn't finish it all, but it fed him for dinner two days later!) 
Everyone was coming over taking pictures of his giant burrito!  
But the real star was the birthday boy, who got serenaded by the band and smeared fried ice cream all over his face by the waiter! Ole!
Every family vacation we had growing up the whole trip was centered around swimming at the pool. And this vacation was the same. We swam more than we did anything else, several times a day! 
The boys must've jumped into the water 150 times! 
I LOVE this picture of my dear bro-in-law who has the energy of a kid! I WANT his energy! And I envy his jumping skeelz! 
Judah officially is swimming now and has learned to surface for air! My big boy! 
Quinn and his Papa! 
Mimi & her JuJubear. 
For my Dad's fancy birthday meal, Julie went all out on table decorations and an awesome hat! 

The theme was "It's a Wonderful Life"..... with pictures of my Dad growing up on the film reel...
I love my family more than anything else in the world and one of these days we'd better live in the same state! 
Love you guys! 

Took advantage of having my hair & makeup "did" and took the 4.5 month belly shot! (can you imagine what this belly will look like at 9 months??? I'm Scurred) 
Ahhhh, love & trouble (and in that order, love to the left, trouble to the right- lol) 
You can't have a trip without going to a flea market. When we left, we hit up the Anderson flea market and Mimi & Papa bought the boys guitars, which they've been playing non-stop (and breaking strings may I add)...  maybe they can be the Soler Mariachi band!

Looking forward to many more family celebrations!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Life Worth Celebrating!

This past weekend, we surprised my Dad with a trip to Greenville (my sisters and their families met us) for his 60th birthday!

I know I'm biased, but I think I have the best Dad ever.... he is someone worth celebrating all the time!
No one knows adventure like my Dad! Even at a very young age, he was on the go, go, go... here he is water skiing with his brother.... 
Ice scuba diving...... 
He always had the coolest wheels because he was such a hard worker, a work ethic I admire and hope to always emulate.... 
He's a man of many talents and interesting details to his life, but you'd never know because he is so modest.  Like the fact that when he became a certified scuba instructor, he was the youngest person ever to become certified. 
My Dad is incredibly brilliant and the best problem solver I've ever met, and one of the most compassionate and good doctors I've ever met... and I am so grateful for his knowledge & godly wisdom.
He's always been the best Dad. He & my Mom put every effort into making our life full & rich & we were and are so blessed by them...  
They made family priority #1, we did everything together. 

In 1987, my Dad was in a life changing 3 wheeler accident and he has had to undergo 13 surgeries, been to the best pain management clinics in the country and has a nuerological disease called Reflex sympathetic dystrophy and has the worst chronic pain on the medical pain scale, all day, all night and this changed our lives, but this did not change his spirit.   His faith has Never waivered, he is a fighter, an encourager, an optimist, and no matter how much pain he is in, he always takes time to support others and show love. 

My Dad is my #1 cheerleader. He was so encouraging, I felt like I could do anything growing up! 
And he is the Best Papa! 
He is the constant support & encourager in our parenting and is always doing the same for the kids.... we are so blessed to be able to have you in our life!

Love you Dad!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shhh, don't tell them they can't actually fly!

My little sock zombies think they can do anything. Neither of them has any fear (which many times is NOT good -if you're the mother of boys- or fearless girls, you know this).... they will literally jump at the chance to do ANYthing!
The boys love their "super man time" so much I'm sure one day I'll find them jumping off the dresser when we're not looking!

The boys have no fear at the pool either, it's a chore to keep their swimmies on, they beg to take them off and when we take them off they literally throw themselves in the pool! Judah can swim under the water, but has still not managed to learn how to swim up to the surface... and Quinn can't swim... so this can cause for some mama panic.... 

 You know all fearless warriors need their giant floor length Clemson dress!

As I was flipping thru my pics, I noticed a trend. No matter where we are (this has been going on for years) Judah has to be carrying little cars with him.......
There's always a stash in the car, in my purse, in our beach bag/pool bag/etc.... 
This is how he spends 75% of his time while he's inside the house, just rolling his little cars around.... 
They are perfect for distracting bored kids while at the store.....

I suppose it's better than my other distraction while we're in the store... gum. That'll keep 'em busy for at least 15 minutes. If I could only manage to get our grocery shopping done in 15 minutes.... I'll have to work on that next. Maybe I'll run through the store like I'm on a shopping spree! Hmmmmmmm....naw, I'll just continue to go grocery shopping solo, if at all possible.

Monday, August 1, 2011

In the twinkling of an eye.....

I forgot my camera at work and at home for the majority of the past few weeks, and it makes me sad that all of those amazing memories during that time, like swimming with my parents, eukele/guitar/drum bucket jam session with the Quintons, soccer with the Mitchells and dinner with the VanHoutens were not captured on film to look back on our time together with our family & friends. As a working Mom (not working is not an option until G finishes school), my greatest sadness in life is how quickly it is flying by. Guillermo probably thinks I'm nuts because most nights, after the boys go to bed, I look at the pictures on my camera and watch the videos just to relive our precious moments together. When things are not captured on film, I feel like that moment is gone forever, except for the little bit of what is etched in my horrible short term memory.  
It seems like they were babies and in the twinkling of an eye, they are little boys. A few more twinkles and they will be teenagers. I know all parents feel that way, and it is far more than a tired old cliche. It's just life. Thank God for blogs & husbands with good memories, and digital cameras so you can relive those moments even when it's midnight and you're missing your babies.

Here are a few things I was able to catch before my camera went on hiatus.

Our dear friend Denise came over to watch the boys so we could go on a date night.

We did our Great Date Expirement (thru Journey Church) and had a fabulous meal at Outback. I ate so much I thought I'd blow up. Self control, why do you leave me the minute a bloomin onion is around?
The date was "dj'd" by a CD track and you could take different tracks depending on the thing you want to work on the most in marriage.  We chose the one about parenting/kids and it said to go and play on a playground and talk to your spouse about your favorite things about your kids and being a parent. It was really fun and BONUS we went to the park across from the ocean at Alhambra hall, so it was even romantic.  (Not like call the cops romantic, just nice & sweet). Lol.

I love being married to a Christian man who likes to do silly dates with me and talk about our walk with the Lord and how we can do better as a family and what we do well.

And if that we're sweet enough, my main love language has turned into acts of service. The fact that Guillermo makes me an iced latte every day makes me feel extra LOVED every day. Over that weekend he even put whipped cream on top, talk about Extra love in the form of Redi-whip.

And of course, what fills my love tank the most is seeing these sweet little faces, saying things like "Wow Mama! You look Preeeeeetttttty" out of the blue.....

And "Mama I love you biggest in the whole world"

....these will be the things, that when I'm terrified life is moving too fast, will help me slow down and smell the roses,  and creep into rooms at 11pm, just to get one more kiss & snuggle before the day is officially over.