Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summertime and the Livin's Easy

Summer is awesome, except not as awesome as fall, winter or spring. :)

......but there are a lot of amazing relaxing summer things to do, especially in south cackalack
saturday cartoons 
impromptu dinners with the fam
Walks to the neighborhood park
Pooping in the park (well trying) BUT he has been doing AWESOME going #2 finally! PTL!! *Don't worry, we were the only ones out at the park, so we had a little bit of privacy. And if you've ever potty trained a kid, you gotta go when ya gotta go!
Waiting for a popsicle. Or pop-fickle as Quinn calls it

Sprinklers (gotta love Quinn getting a drink here) 
Farmer tans white boonkies (well, that's some of us all year round) 
Secret Agents Judah & Quinn
Strawberry shortcake shish-ka-bobs with our peeps
Parks at dusk, just cuz you don't want to go home yet. Even though it's a week night and it's already 830.

The best thing about this picture is that we were eating at Whole Foods and right after this picture Judah started busting out "in the club, I'm going down" as loud as he could. Talk about wrong song, in the wrong place. All the Mt Pleasant soccer moms were probably shaking their heads.
Judah was SO brave at the Dentist! I'm SO proud of him. 
Quinn was terrified and thought if he plugged his mouth, no one would check out his teeth
On a side note, my THIS is my biggest pregnancy craving. So strange.

And this (figs from our tree in the back yard)..... if you live in Chas and wanna come & get some, help yourself!

You'll save yourself $5/lb at the grocery store! Wowzers.
Gotta feed the three month bump! (and no, there are not triplets in there, I just have a big stomach. lol)


Julie said...

Love the first baby bump photo! And the photo of the boys "Charleston tans" was cute. Man, you can tell they have been out in the sun and they inherited those good Puerto Rican tanning genes!! Lucky us, none of our kids will ever be white and pasty! :) The word pop-fickle made me laugh!! I can totally hear Quinn saying that.

Home school Mom said... all the 'summertime' photos! Looks like a fun summer so far! ;)
Love the strawberry shortcake shish-ka-bobs too. I may have to steal that idea. Yum!
Nice to see a photo of your baby bump too! I hope to see more in the future! So fun! ;)
Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Robinson Family said...

I miss your wit and friendship so much. Glad you all are having fun and braving the heat! Strawberry shortcake ka-bobs? Best idea ever!