Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Lizard, July 4th Funday & World War Poop

You know how you have those perfect weekends? Well, the much needed looong July 4th weekend was just that. The perfect  ratio of hanging out doing nuthin, to fun family outings. 
And not even finding a baby lizard (!!! panic !!!) on my indoor rug could hurt the weekend. BTW, seeing a baby lizard in Puerto Rican folklore means you're going to find out someone is pregnant... hmmmmm, could it be YOU? 
Not even Guillermo mowing like 18 yards this weekend could dampen the fun. And he had fun, check out his redneck beer holder for while he was mowing our yard! 2 beers hanging from your key chain. Das how we doooo. yee haw! 
Judah had to make time to do his push ups, ya know it's bathing suit season and all....
And these boys are READY TO PARTY
What does it say about me that being at a water park is in my top 5 favorite things to do in the whole world? I'm so glad the kids are big enough for a few slides. They LOOOOVED them. 

So this July 4th was the best in years. We, by a God miracle avoided ALL normal July 4th irritations (traffic/sunburn/eaten by bugs/traffic/oh yea, did I mention traffic). The drive to the beach was perfect & fast. We found a perfect spot between the beach and the park where we'd watch fireworks and we met up with some sweet friends. 
The Hennings
Judah kept the flags off the ground with the proper respect 
Little Jacque Cousteau (sp?) found lots of sand dollars 
That boy is a fish! 

We all went to the park to have a picnic and play. They had live music and everyone was shagging. Everywhere you looked on Sullivan's Island had old school American flags. It was as if Martha Stewart and Paula Dean planned the perfect July 4th on Sullivan's Island and by dumb luck we just happened to go there this year.
The fireworks started the moment the sky turned dark and it wasn't a moment too soon. My sweet little Quinn was just about to call it a night...
And the drive home was just like any normal, non-holiday drive. Thank you God.

And for the potty training update. I'm feeling a little deja vu. Quinn is fully pee-trained. Hasn't had an accident in over a week during the day, and always tells us when he has to go. Now poop, on the other hand is like torture. He refuses to poop on the potty (just like Judah). We fill him up with fiberous foods and no luck, he ends up running down the hall screaming as he's literally pooping right then and there. But the moment you put him on the toilet he will NOT go. It's like a mild form of torture for all involved (especially the clean up crew). Have I mentioned I HATE potty training?

 I can't say he hasn't given pooping his valiant effort. Here he is praying/hoping/wishing that he can make a poop.
Dang it Quinn, Who Does Number 2 Work For!!!!  Show that turd who's boss! (remember that from Austin Powers Lol)?


Julie said...

So happy you have a new post too! The pic of Quinn waiting for fireworks is so great - he looks so tan and his eyes look so blueish grey... he's gonna be the center of attention for those eyes one day!! Looks like your July 4th was perfect, except for the lizard and no-poop marathon. I can't believe Judah is already boogie boarding by himself in the ocean!! You have a little fish! With our time in the pool, Dean kept sticking his head under the water purposely and than would start choking and laughing at the same time, over and over again. I have a feeling, as soon as he's able, he'll be the first one to canonball himself into the pool! :)

Robinson Family said...

Potty training has been the hardest part of parenting thus far. Amazing any of us can pee in a toilet. GREAT pictures!

bethdavidandtheboys said...

Your July 4th sounded perrrrfect!! Such an awesome day! I just love the pic of Quinn at the end praying on the potty! How priceless!