Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby Boy or Girl?

Judah is absolutely certain that we are having a girl (he's in the large majority, I think people Want us to have a girl rather than just think we're having a girl. Lol)
 Anyways, I keep trying to warn him that it may be a boy in there and not a girl. And he adamantly tells me No Mama! It's Viviana in there (our name if it's a girl). And I said, why are you so sure it's Viviana in there and not Luca (our boy name) and he said with the most "Duh Mom" look

Because Vivana climbed in there, not Luca!!

Ok. So there it is. It's Viviana in there, cause she climbed in here first!
We'll see if Judah's right on Sept 9th. :)


Julie said...

I'm so anxious to find out what you're having!!! Boy or girl, we'll love them just as much. Odds in Vegas say... you're having a boy. But, we'll see if you break the odds because I completely think it's gonna be a girl, for sure. And I'm never wrong, except in the case of Devon, Judah, Quinn and Dean. :)
P.S. How do you like the name Viviana London?

Jackie Miller said...

Ahhh!!! I keep forgetting to tell you congratulations! So awesome!!!!!! We can't wait to hear the verdict. I'm so glad you're not waiting it out like EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR FRIENDS!! I feel like it is a common courtesy to find out early and let everyone know! We do that! Anyway, I would have to say that I think Luca is probably in there. Maybe I'm jaded from my own experience with that though... ha ha ha. Although, I would love it if you had a girl. That would be so incredibly sweet. I guess we'll see (SOON!) what the Lord has planned for you...

Mrs Woo said...

My scan is Sept 7th! I hope we'll be able to see! But I have a guy feeling that Elizabeth is right that's Baby Woo is a boy. But I'm not packing away any pink stuff yet!

Home school Mom said...

So exciting! I love finding out too! Can't wait to hear! :)

bethdavidandtheboys said...

Ahhh!! I almost didn't comment on this post. Of course, I'm in the large majority who thinks it's a girl. And, here's my "but".... from my experience and that of others of the same sex more than once, it could be Luca. We were convinced, as were all our family members it was our girl, but alas the Lord has different and more wonderful plans. So, I'm going with girl for you my dearest! One of us around here has to have some PINK!!!