Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Attack of the Oyster Bed and Other Adventures

Have you ever heard a pyscho-analysis of the first child/second child/third child/etc...?  Well these pictures pretty much shows how it runs in our family.
Judah telling us all how it's done.. or telling his brother to do something.... 
Quinn being a total goofball.... 
And then Quinn following Judah like a baby duckling following his mama.

So we went to our favorite hidden spot on Daniel Island to go watch crabs and jump in the ocean, without driving all the way out to the beach. 
The boys bravely ventured in with Guillermo 
Until Guillermo hit the oyster bed, cutting his hand and foot. (He's not crying here by the way, just wiping his face off. LOL).  And thank God the kids didn't make it out that far. So at least we knew how far the kids could play & swim out before the oysters, due to Guillermo's misfortune. 
There were fiddler crabs EVERY where you looked. Literally thousands. Gross. But at least they're more afraid of us then we're grossed out by them, as soon as you come up, they scamper away and hide. 

A few cuts can always be mended with a few good hugs & kisses.

Then we got to go to Kat's surprise birthday party!
Happy birthday Kat! We love you.
Judah had fun looking at Tio's bikes, look at that face, that's a "look at me mom, I'm so cool cause I'm standing next to a motorcycle" face.
Quinn thinks smiling means doing "bulldog" face.. at least Judah finally gets it. So maybe in a year and a half, Quinn will know what a real smile is. :)
Happy weekend! And Monday, please try not to come too fast.


Mrs Woo said...

uuuugh i got the shivers thinking about G and the oyster bed.

Julie said...

Love your new blog look! I like the sparkly header too. I hope you had your fairy wings on when you were doing the design. ;)

Judah looks so tall and grown up next to the motorcycle! And the picture of him and G together is so sweet.

Love, Julie

bethdavidandtheboys said...

So much fun at D Island that day I bet!! (except the crunchy crabs!! I'm always afraid I'll step on one of the tiny baby ones but that couldn't be any worse than stepping on a frog!!) I love Judah's hair - looks like a little surfer/skater dude. And, Quinny with his adorable bulldog smile at the end. (L does that too! one day, one day they'll get it;)

Home school Mom said...

I love the new header! It's SO pretty! ;)
Crabs?? YUCK! I can't imagine having thousands of crabs just crawling around. And your poor hubby. OUCH!
Your boys are so cute (their faces are so pretty, but I don't think they'd like if I said they were 'pretty'....but they ARE! ;) Handsome little men! Love all the pictures!
Betsy ;)