Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome to Atlanta Where the Players Play!

And the players played!! We got to go to ATL for the three boys birthdays this year and we had such a blast.  The babes LOVE each other and it melts our hearts. Quinn had amor de muerte for Dean, the whole time kissing, hugging, squeezing and trying to hold him!

The boys had to imitate Deans famous downward facing dog pose!

Judah & Devon are BFF! 
Imitating the dinosaur that Quinn was SO freaked out over (he growled and moved on his own when no one was around) so the only way we could let Quinn know everything was ok was to put the dinosaur in the corner in "time out" and Quinn would say "bad dinosaur" repeatedly while the dinosaur was in the corner.
Awww, my babes. 
Awesome Birthday peeps!!

For the birthday meal, we made a huge Mexican feast!
Mexican food is so beautiful.... 
Well the giant pig skin wasn't beautiful (maybe to Guillermo and Will)!
We got to visit Firoze at work. We were literally two minutes too late to see Ceelo waiting outside of St Regis. I would've asked him to sing "Cell Therapy" and I'd do the part of  T-Mo. And I'd ask him if he's stoned on "The Voice".
Rebecca & Will were brave enough to let Judah sleep at their house for one night, which he was thrilled! 
I love that Judah wanted the pink snake. 
Have you ever been to ATL? The best FREAKING food on the planet. I am still dreaming about Flip Burger's  burgers.  
....AND their burnt marshmallow & nutella shake. Yes, you read that right. Heaven in a cup. 
Julie - you're the BEST host!

Love you my ATL players! 

Our conversation on the ride home to Chucktown:
Me: hey boys, what do we get to do when we get home (trying to remind them to not complain after many hours in the car)
Judah: we get to take a bubble bath
me: that's right and why do you get to take a bubble bath?
Judah: cause I have a happy heart
Me: that's right, Quinn has a happy heart too
Judah: NO! Quinn has a bad heart!
Quinn: NO!!!! my heart is NICE heart! (screaming and crying)

*sigh* (how much longer is this ride?)


Home school Mom said...

THAT....looks like SO MUCH FUN! You guys have the most fun together! I love it! ;)) Speaking of LOVE.....that Nutella Shake?? YUMMO! That looks awesome....and I LOVE burnt marshmallows. Your boys....and all the kiddos are adorable! ;) camera is a nIkon D700...:) I forgot to answer your question on that.

Jackie Miller said...

I don't even care about any of those pictures, just give me the cake (at the top) and the shake and no one gets hurt!!! Stop it with those pics!!!

No. Just kidding. I DO, in fact, care. ;) We have an alligator that chomps around that the girls are absolutely terrified of. Our Russian friends gave it to them. I'm not sure what about it said, "girl" to them. Probably discounted. Anyway... maybe we need to put him in time out! Bad Alligator!!

Julie said...

You took so many CUTE pictures!!! I love the picture of Quinn and Dean together. And the one of Judah and Devon hugging. But, my favorite picture by far and the one that will make me smile everytime I see it, is all 4 boys doing downward-facing-Dean together! :) We loved having you guys visit and loved seeing the boys all having fun together. And thanks G for the FoodNetwork worthy meal! P.S. I also love the nuetella milkshake... good choice! Love, J

bethdavidandtheboys said...

AHH!! Love this post! The little cousins together are just so adorable. And I agree w/ Julie that the downward Dean pose is just the best! How cute! They will have the best memories of fun times together. That shake looks Ah-MAZING!!! ;)