Sunday, June 19, 2011

Everybody Celebrate!

We've had a lot to celebrate lately!
My Mama's birthday!! I love you Mom!
Going to church dressed like pirates (or to everyone else they probably think we're sporting some kind of gang colors)!
It's the Jake and the Neverland Pirates look, not Crips, I swear!
Lollipops = Silence, awwwww, precious silence.

Happy birthday Jackson!!
And Quinny can't resist crying at ALL birthdays when he realizes it's not his birthday. Sigh.
Judah & Jackson are bffs!
Rebecca & Will came down for a wedding and we all got to go out to the beach for Guillermo's "perfect father's day" celebration...... a day on the beach and chillin' at home for the rest of the day....

We love celebrating such an amazing "Papa" and Dad. I love you Dad!

What a GOOD Daddy worth celebrating!
Here is Daddy's #1 obsessed fan!
Guillermo is the best Dad around, there is nothing he wouldn't and doesn't do for these kids and I....
Teaching the kids how to Ollie! 
Judah's got the tongue sticking out concentration thing going on.... the best was when he fell off and yelled, "this isn't for me, this for the biggest kids and I'm not the biggest kid!" (he HATES not being good at something.. we're working on that.Lol)
Quinn's wanted to go full speed ahead on his roller skates, but I told him he had to hold my hand cause we couldn't find his helmet. And every day he asks me if I found his helmet yet! I guess he has dreams of roller derbys or something!
I love you baby. You the best baby daddy & hubby EVER! :)

Happy Father's Day Jose & Ramon! We love you!


Home school Mom said... have just the CUTEST boys ever!!! They will be HOT dates one day! :D
Glad you all had a GREAT Father's day with your daddy too!

Julie said...

Happy Father's Day G!! And the pic of Quinn looking like he's in the Roller Derby is hilarious! You have to post a full body shot of him skating. :) I'm glad you guys had such a great weekend and got to enjoy the beach (jealous!). Love you! Julie

bethdavidandtheboys said...

Ahhh!! So sweet. I love the pics of Gmo teaching Judah to skateboard. And Quinny with his roller skates on is just precious! Your boys are so adorable!! Thanks for including that sweet sweet pic of Judah and Jack hugging. I love that they love eachother so dearly!! ;)