Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1 + 1 + 1 = FUN!

A month ago we got the shock of our lives:
Bebe #3 at 8 weeks * Due January 31, 2011

While this baby was NOT in our plan, it certainly was in God's plan. And after a mild panic attack (not really, but kinda) we are just so blessed.


Home school Mom said...

Whaaaa???? That's so wonderful!! How exciting! I'm so happy for you! I'll be praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy! Keep us posted on your blog! ;)
♥ Betsy

Julie said...

You are right... it is a miracle! A knock-the-wind-out-of-you, shock of your lives, miracle. But, there is a plan for you to have a big Thanksgiving table with all the seats full and lots of laughter. I'm praying for a healthy baby... but also for a little Soler to buy dresses for! :) Either way... boy or girl... I'll love them to pieces, just like my cute little Judah and Quinn!! Love, Julie

The Tylers said...

Oh my gosh-this is SO exciting! The Tylers are super excited for you...we SO need to catch up soon!

thetalbotts said...

AWESOME!! I am SO happy for y'all! You know how much joy your two little rascals bring you already, just think of how that's going to be multiplied even more! SO SO SO wonderful! :)

Anonymous said...

YES!!! I love this news!
I actually came on your account to send you a little note. What a great surprise! Seeing your other two ... the world needs another Soler. For real.

I was writing to tell you that we all need to go to your church some Sunday night. Email us and let us know what works for you. I was just with Will today and I told him that I knew you. Can't wait to hang out. And congratulations!

Robinson Family said...

This teaches me from not checking your blog more often! Hahahah! I am a crappy friend. So excited for you guys!!!!