Monday, June 27, 2011

And the night I wanted to crawl in a hole......

I'll get to my mortifying night in a few... 
I've told you guys that sometimes I think I've lost my mind by biting off a lot more than I can chew, but it always works out in the end. This weekend was no exception. It left me worse for wear, but we survived.

We were having a big get together at our house, with over 20 people and this is also the day we've been preparing Quinn to start potty training. They were both planned far in advance, one date changed and I didn't want to change the date on Quinn since we've been talking about it for over a month. SO,  we did both. And we did the potty training in a day method and so far he's done AWESOME. We're so proud of our big boy. And the party turned out nice, so thank God for that. 
But doing all of that  totally zapped me of any energy I could possibly muster, so what do you do after a long day and you finally clean up after your party and you have no energy to give the kids a bath? Put them back in the kiddie pool and pretend like they're clean cause they're wet!

So the next day, I was so wiped out (it's a pregnancy thing, 2nd trimester, come quick!) I basically made blueberry pancakes and laid down for the rest of the day with the exception of church. This is monumental for me. Gmo loved it.  Pancakes and chillin. No work work work, go go go on the weekend.

And lots of family time on the couch. By the delighted looks on the boys faces, you'd think this "Bible: Guess Who?" book is the most intriguing book ever, deserving of the Oprah book club award, but actually Guillermo was making Noah poot and the boys thought that was amazing.....sigh..... 
So this method of potty training means that your subject-aka potty training lil person has to go without pants/underwear, so they pee on the floor or the toilet (and most kids chose the toilet), until they get it that they no longer do that in their pants. So basically Quinn has been naked from the waist down for 3 days now and this segways me into my horrifying story of tonight:
  So, to get ready for bebe 3 I have already started to sell stuff around the house to prepare for bringing the swing back into the living room, making the playroom a half nursery/half playroom, etc. So, my lovely pregnant brain TOTALLY forgot that this morning I had scheduled a showing of a really amazing leather studded wingback chair (it killed me to get rid of it, but I have NO room for it anywhere- the reason this is important is because I was really "selling this chair" as a very sophisticated pottery barn/restoration hardware type of chair, from the most sophisticated of households....). Anyways, feeling again like I have NOOOO energy at all, I literally came home, put on my "stretchy pants" as Nacho Libre would say and my tiny black tank top I wore under my work shirt. I tell Gmo, I'm too tired to eat, please just get the kids something to eat and let them sit on the floor in the living room so at least I can be with you guys during dinner (while I lay on the couch).  Now mind you I NEVER do this, ever. Ask ya mama. Or my mama, or more specifically, ask Gmo. It's this bebe, sucking all of my energy away. Ok, moving on, so the doorbell rings. And it hits me, THE PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR THE CHAIR!! I look around. My house has more toys on the floor than Toys R Us.  Quinn is naked from the waist down and I look like I should be working out with Richard Simmons.  The boys are literally eating on the floor when these people come in. I throw Quinn in Guillermo's arms to go put pants on and I proceed to apologize to these dear souls that everything is such a wreck, that I TOTALLY forgot they were coming.  And to make matters worse, if we didn't already look like the trashiest people around (naked kids eating on the floor and all, me in my "spandex"),  they started to comment on Indy (my dog) and how cute he was and I realized that we never cleaned him after Saturday's party where some kid that was over had spilled red Koolaid ALL over his coat. He literally had pink stains all over his white fur. We said Saturday night "we need to give him a bath" but then the baby ate that thought away and instead I've laid on the couch every spare second for the past 48 hours.
Would it be strange for me to write a really long apology to this girl promising her this is NOT how we normally behave/look... and tell her that I promise Quinn only put his bare behind on her "new" chair like ten times.....nah, she'd just be like, that trailer trash is in some major denial! 
What a night. Lol.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Darth Vader Doesn't Love God

When Judah got his light saber for his birthday, he asked who the man on the box was (Darth Vader).  Guillermo explained to him that he is the bad guy. So now in our house Darth Vader is the epitome of a bad guy.  So, this is how our conversation went last night:

Me: Judah, who is stronger, Batman or Spiderman
Judah: Batman
Me: Who is stronger, Hulk or Darth Vader
Judah: The Hulk
Me: Who is stronger Darth Vader or God
Judah: God
Me: That's right. Do you know God is stronger than Batman, Hulk, Spiderman and Darth Vader, cause God is the strongest in the WHOLE world!
Judah: And I love God. But Darth Vader doesn't love God. That's why he's the bad guy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1 + 1 + 1 = FUN!

A month ago we got the shock of our lives:
Bebe #3 at 8 weeks * Due January 31, 2011

While this baby was NOT in our plan, it certainly was in God's plan. And after a mild panic attack (not really, but kinda) we are just so blessed.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Everybody Celebrate!

We've had a lot to celebrate lately!
My Mama's birthday!! I love you Mom!
Going to church dressed like pirates (or to everyone else they probably think we're sporting some kind of gang colors)!
It's the Jake and the Neverland Pirates look, not Crips, I swear!
Lollipops = Silence, awwwww, precious silence.

Happy birthday Jackson!!
And Quinny can't resist crying at ALL birthdays when he realizes it's not his birthday. Sigh.
Judah & Jackson are bffs!
Rebecca & Will came down for a wedding and we all got to go out to the beach for Guillermo's "perfect father's day" celebration...... a day on the beach and chillin' at home for the rest of the day....

We love celebrating such an amazing "Papa" and Dad. I love you Dad!

What a GOOD Daddy worth celebrating!
Here is Daddy's #1 obsessed fan!
Guillermo is the best Dad around, there is nothing he wouldn't and doesn't do for these kids and I....
Teaching the kids how to Ollie! 
Judah's got the tongue sticking out concentration thing going on.... the best was when he fell off and yelled, "this isn't for me, this for the biggest kids and I'm not the biggest kid!" (he HATES not being good at something.. we're working on that.Lol)
Quinn's wanted to go full speed ahead on his roller skates, but I told him he had to hold my hand cause we couldn't find his helmet. And every day he asks me if I found his helmet yet! I guess he has dreams of roller derbys or something!
I love you baby. You the best baby daddy & hubby EVER! :)

Happy Father's Day Jose & Ramon! We love you!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yep, that's my kid.....

"Drinking the water" licking the splash park ground. Oh. My.
Sometimes they're a mess... 
But they're my little mess. heart.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome to Atlanta Where the Players Play!

And the players played!! We got to go to ATL for the three boys birthdays this year and we had such a blast.  The babes LOVE each other and it melts our hearts. Quinn had amor de muerte for Dean, the whole time kissing, hugging, squeezing and trying to hold him!

The boys had to imitate Deans famous downward facing dog pose!

Judah & Devon are BFF! 
Imitating the dinosaur that Quinn was SO freaked out over (he growled and moved on his own when no one was around) so the only way we could let Quinn know everything was ok was to put the dinosaur in the corner in "time out" and Quinn would say "bad dinosaur" repeatedly while the dinosaur was in the corner.
Awww, my babes. 
Awesome Birthday peeps!!

For the birthday meal, we made a huge Mexican feast!
Mexican food is so beautiful.... 
Well the giant pig skin wasn't beautiful (maybe to Guillermo and Will)!
We got to visit Firoze at work. We were literally two minutes too late to see Ceelo waiting outside of St Regis. I would've asked him to sing "Cell Therapy" and I'd do the part of  T-Mo. And I'd ask him if he's stoned on "The Voice".
Rebecca & Will were brave enough to let Judah sleep at their house for one night, which he was thrilled! 
I love that Judah wanted the pink snake. 
Have you ever been to ATL? The best FREAKING food on the planet. I am still dreaming about Flip Burger's  burgers.  
....AND their burnt marshmallow & nutella shake. Yes, you read that right. Heaven in a cup. 
Julie - you're the BEST host!

Love you my ATL players! 

Our conversation on the ride home to Chucktown:
Me: hey boys, what do we get to do when we get home (trying to remind them to not complain after many hours in the car)
Judah: we get to take a bubble bath
me: that's right and why do you get to take a bubble bath?
Judah: cause I have a happy heart
Me: that's right, Quinn has a happy heart too
Judah: NO! Quinn has a bad heart!
Quinn: NO!!!! my heart is NICE heart! (screaming and crying)

*sigh* (how much longer is this ride?)