Thursday, May 5, 2011

You Are my Son Shine!

To my sweet Judah who is only 3 for 2 more weeks!

JuJu bear, I was born to be your mama. From the first moment I first felt you kick and you brought tears to my eyes, I was hooked, head over heels in love.

When you were born and you opened up your sweet big beautiful eyes for the first time and looked straight at me, I knew my life was forever changed. I never imagined I could love something so much. It was like touching Heaven, holding and loving you.

You grew and grew and I found that the two words the Lord gave for me: Leader and Great for you are so true. You are more sure of yourself than any little person I've ever met. You are so fun, loving, brave, smart, compassionate and you have such a deep sense of justice, just like your me.
I wouldn't trade being your mama for anything in the whole wide world. Now if I can only find a way to slow down time to savor each last moment of you being three.
My little angel face. 
We love you SOOO much!! More than the stars in the sky and more than the water in the sea!


Mrs Woo said...

So sweet I got chills x

Julie said...

Judah... you bring so much joy and happiness to our lives and you are too cute for words. You look just like your Mama and you are a little comedian too! Happy 3rd Birthday! We can't wait to celebrate with you. Love, Auntie Julie

my little kingdom said...

SUch a sweet, compassionate, full of life little boy!! What a blessing he is!! We love him too!!

Home school Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Judah! He is SUCH a cutie! Look out chicas!! ha ha! ;D What a happy, fun-loving little guy and I don't even know him! :D I know how much he blesses your life though! Hope he has FUN turing 3!!