Thursday, May 26, 2011

Party with Me Hearties!

So we loaded up our car  with enough beach gear, food and drinks to feed 40 people. It's one of those moments where you think,  have I lost my mind? What am I doing?  But every effort it took to make this party happen was worth it. It was probably the best day at the beach I've ever had! Celebrating your baby turning 4 with your friends & fam is amazing! And the beach water was incredibly warm for May!

"Mimi & Papa" (my parents) 
"Abuela & Abuelo" (G's parents) who flew all the way from Virginia 
"Tio & Miss Kat" (G's bro & girlfriend) 
G & Sis Carla, who came all the way from North Cackalack 
Friends Richard & Angie 
Present time! 
The kids got to dig for buried treasure (the party favors) 
Is it golden treasure? Is it precious gem stones? Nope! It's pirate hats, spy glasses and compasses. Oh coconuts! 
The "cuz" Luke 
It's Quinn's girlfriend, Charlotte 
Quinny doesn't need favors! He needs watermelon!
The best part about this party was I could serve the messiest food without a care in the world! 
My sweet friend Sherry 
My sweet friend "Auntie Beth"
Arghhh, the scallywags! 
Wipe that smile off your face and walk the plank Matey!  
Judah throwin' the "I'm 4" pirate gang sign! Never has there ever been a more precious 4 year old than you my sweet lil' scamp!


Home school Mom said...

LOVE!!! What a FUN party! I wish I was invited. LOL :) The cupcakes look delicious and what a fun party at the beach!! Looks like lots of LOVE goin on there! <3
Happy Birthday from the Nickel crew!

bethdavidandtheboys said...

What great pics of Judah's 4th birthday! You always throw the BEST parties with such great decorations, foodies and fun games. The boys had So much fun that day!!