Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Campers

So my parents, my bro-in-law and nephew came camping with us to Edisto Beach! It was so much fun. To sit around the camp fire and have a brewsky and just talk to your family instead of watching tv, to see your son & your nephew have fun playing "telephone" with a paper towel roll instead of their 18,000 toys, watching your parents play baseball with your kids is priceless. Going to the beach all day and making smores every night and catching up til 1am regaling stories about Puerto Rican jungles and Sri Lankan family reunions  is an awesome way to make great memories and in those ways camping was amazing. In the way that Quinn slept with me and was like a windmill flipping around on the air mattress kicking me in the face all night, and taking days to pack and unpack probably will make camping a once a year thing for me- BUT we had such a great time and the company was fantastic!
We may have packed everything but the kitchen sink. And we'd probably have packed that except the bathhouse was right across from our site! Hey, it's a Sherman thang....
Good arm Mimi!  
Ahh, sweet boys, at least they never tried to hit each other over the head with the bat. 
Judah and Devon can't be more different, but they were like two peas in a pod the whole weekend. They had silly face making contests. 
Judah admiring Devon's handiwork.
And lots of love from sweet Uncle Fee. 
Yummmmm. Smores. Although I'm sure behind my back the kids ate about 20 marshmallows each.  I had visions of them awake at 2am from all that sugar, but luckily they conked out in the tent with no problem. 
 Good Times with our peeps.....

Busta sag. In case you didn't know Newton's law of parenting, shorts that stay up with a diaper may not stay up once diaper is removed.....  
Quinn serving up sand-wiches. yuck yuck yuck.
Quinn would run screaming whenever the water would be about to reach his feet..... 
While Judah on the other hand would dance until the water reached him and begged Gmo to take him deep into the water until he could dive under the waves....
Another fearless beach boy, diving into the rocks to find us conch shells
Until next time happy campers!

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Julie said...

I was waiting for this! Yay!!!!! I loved seeing all the pictures and felt like I was there... minus all the bugs and spiders. :) It was fun looking at all the pictures with Devon - he was laughing and telling me the story of every photo. I'm so glad you were able to do this and I know Firoze and Devon will have memories of their first camping trip forever! Love, Julie