Sunday, May 22, 2011

Everyone I love is getting OLD!!!

Am I really old enough to have a 4 year old? WHERE has the time gone? And are two of my three FAVORITE bro-in-laws getting really old too? OK, so no one is really old.. just older. ;)

In my family birthdays come in phases. My two sisters, sister in law and I were all born at the end of September and beginning of October, and then my sweet nephew Devon was born two days after me in September.  Then my other nephew Dean was born ON Guillermo's bday.  Quinn's bday is ten days before my other bro-in-law, Ivan,  in December and last but not least, my other two bro-in-laws- Will and Firoze and Judah are all born within a week of each other! Crazy huh!

We love you Will!

We love you Firoze!

So despite working like a lunatic - 20 hour days, 14 hour days, 16 hour days, for a month straight, all the way up to the day before Judah's bday, we still set everything at midnight so he could have a big birthday surprise when he woke up, just like my Mom did for us growing up! 
It was all worth it. He was glowing he was so happy!

Look who else was soo happy too! Well, when he got to reap the benefits of birthday menu: bananas and donuts for breakfast WHILE watching tv! 
Presents and cupcakes from our amazing nanny and her family for snack time! 

After we got home from work, we had present time, which Judah was beyond elated!  
Judah is obsessed with flashlights, light up guns, light up swords, while we play "police officer" at night and turn all the lights off and I "dispatch" them to calls and they run around the house, so we thought it'd be the perfect time to pass the light saber Guillermo bought for himself 12 years ago (still in the box!) to Judah and he was in HEAVEN.  
Maybe this only happens in our house, but birthdays are bittersweet. The one kid having a birthday is having the best time, while the other is in agony that they are not having an equally special day! SO, here is Quinn having an out of character envious meltdown... 
But a little bit of time with the light saber solved all of his inner turmoil! 
NO birthday would be complete without a piggy trough!! We all shared this six scoop banana split. The "best" part was when Quinn got brain freeze while eating the superman ice cream and screamed bloody murder while spitting all the ice cream out on the table! fun. :(
Solers 1, piggy trough 0
This was the most perfect sunset to see the night of Judah's birthday. Judah brought a whole new understanding into my life of what Heaven, God, love, responsibility, selflessness is and he and Quinn have changed my life forever. 
Now we can't wait for Judah's aaaaarg-wesome pirate beach birthday party! It's birthday weekend! Woot woot.

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