Thursday, May 26, 2011

Party with Me Hearties!

So we loaded up our car  with enough beach gear, food and drinks to feed 40 people. It's one of those moments where you think,  have I lost my mind? What am I doing?  But every effort it took to make this party happen was worth it. It was probably the best day at the beach I've ever had! Celebrating your baby turning 4 with your friends & fam is amazing! And the beach water was incredibly warm for May!

"Mimi & Papa" (my parents) 
"Abuela & Abuelo" (G's parents) who flew all the way from Virginia 
"Tio & Miss Kat" (G's bro & girlfriend) 
G & Sis Carla, who came all the way from North Cackalack 
Friends Richard & Angie 
Present time! 
The kids got to dig for buried treasure (the party favors) 
Is it golden treasure? Is it precious gem stones? Nope! It's pirate hats, spy glasses and compasses. Oh coconuts! 
The "cuz" Luke 
It's Quinn's girlfriend, Charlotte 
Quinny doesn't need favors! He needs watermelon!
The best part about this party was I could serve the messiest food without a care in the world! 
My sweet friend Sherry 
My sweet friend "Auntie Beth"
Arghhh, the scallywags! 
Wipe that smile off your face and walk the plank Matey!  
Judah throwin' the "I'm 4" pirate gang sign! Never has there ever been a more precious 4 year old than you my sweet lil' scamp!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Everyone I love is getting OLD!!!

Am I really old enough to have a 4 year old? WHERE has the time gone? And are two of my three FAVORITE bro-in-laws getting really old too? OK, so no one is really old.. just older. ;)

In my family birthdays come in phases. My two sisters, sister in law and I were all born at the end of September and beginning of October, and then my sweet nephew Devon was born two days after me in September.  Then my other nephew Dean was born ON Guillermo's bday.  Quinn's bday is ten days before my other bro-in-law, Ivan,  in December and last but not least, my other two bro-in-laws- Will and Firoze and Judah are all born within a week of each other! Crazy huh!

We love you Will!

We love you Firoze!

So despite working like a lunatic - 20 hour days, 14 hour days, 16 hour days, for a month straight, all the way up to the day before Judah's bday, we still set everything at midnight so he could have a big birthday surprise when he woke up, just like my Mom did for us growing up! 
It was all worth it. He was glowing he was so happy!

Look who else was soo happy too! Well, when he got to reap the benefits of birthday menu: bananas and donuts for breakfast WHILE watching tv! 
Presents and cupcakes from our amazing nanny and her family for snack time! 

After we got home from work, we had present time, which Judah was beyond elated!  
Judah is obsessed with flashlights, light up guns, light up swords, while we play "police officer" at night and turn all the lights off and I "dispatch" them to calls and they run around the house, so we thought it'd be the perfect time to pass the light saber Guillermo bought for himself 12 years ago (still in the box!) to Judah and he was in HEAVEN.  
Maybe this only happens in our house, but birthdays are bittersweet. The one kid having a birthday is having the best time, while the other is in agony that they are not having an equally special day! SO, here is Quinn having an out of character envious meltdown... 
But a little bit of time with the light saber solved all of his inner turmoil! 
NO birthday would be complete without a piggy trough!! We all shared this six scoop banana split. The "best" part was when Quinn got brain freeze while eating the superman ice cream and screamed bloody murder while spitting all the ice cream out on the table! fun. :(
Solers 1, piggy trough 0
This was the most perfect sunset to see the night of Judah's birthday. Judah brought a whole new understanding into my life of what Heaven, God, love, responsibility, selflessness is and he and Quinn have changed my life forever. 
Now we can't wait for Judah's aaaaarg-wesome pirate beach birthday party! It's birthday weekend! Woot woot.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Campers

So my parents, my bro-in-law and nephew came camping with us to Edisto Beach! It was so much fun. To sit around the camp fire and have a brewsky and just talk to your family instead of watching tv, to see your son & your nephew have fun playing "telephone" with a paper towel roll instead of their 18,000 toys, watching your parents play baseball with your kids is priceless. Going to the beach all day and making smores every night and catching up til 1am regaling stories about Puerto Rican jungles and Sri Lankan family reunions  is an awesome way to make great memories and in those ways camping was amazing. In the way that Quinn slept with me and was like a windmill flipping around on the air mattress kicking me in the face all night, and taking days to pack and unpack probably will make camping a once a year thing for me- BUT we had such a great time and the company was fantastic!
We may have packed everything but the kitchen sink. And we'd probably have packed that except the bathhouse was right across from our site! Hey, it's a Sherman thang....
Good arm Mimi!  
Ahh, sweet boys, at least they never tried to hit each other over the head with the bat. 
Judah and Devon can't be more different, but they were like two peas in a pod the whole weekend. They had silly face making contests. 
Judah admiring Devon's handiwork.
And lots of love from sweet Uncle Fee. 
Yummmmm. Smores. Although I'm sure behind my back the kids ate about 20 marshmallows each.  I had visions of them awake at 2am from all that sugar, but luckily they conked out in the tent with no problem. 
 Good Times with our peeps.....

Busta sag. In case you didn't know Newton's law of parenting, shorts that stay up with a diaper may not stay up once diaper is removed.....  
Quinn serving up sand-wiches. yuck yuck yuck.
Quinn would run screaming whenever the water would be about to reach his feet..... 
While Judah on the other hand would dance until the water reached him and begged Gmo to take him deep into the water until he could dive under the waves....
Another fearless beach boy, diving into the rocks to find us conch shells
Until next time happy campers!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aye Mami!

Happy mothers day all you mamas!!! Being a mom is truly the best gift ever. It's the gift that will make your your heart AND your head want to explode (or maybe that's just when you're raising two rambunctious boys). The deepest love you will ever know. Although being a mama for the past 4 years is the most important thing in my life, for some reason I always think Mother's day is still just my Mom's day and not mine! 

I am beyond blessed to have such a loving, encouraging, kind, thoughtful, inspiring, good mama. She is the best example of a mom and a wife. My Mom & Dad are our biggest cheer leaders and there are many times I know without their love & support our life would be much different. I love you Mom! You're amazing.

note: Judah is the guest photographer for my Mother's Day 2011~ he was so proud to take all of the pictures for this day and is even more proud his photos are featured on this blog! :)

And not only am I blessed with a great mom, but I also have an amazing Grandmother-in-law Maria Remus and Mother-in-law Maria Vicens too! I am so blessed to have you both in my life!

Judah liked walking around taking pictures of all the monkeys in the house, including the white puppet monkey, my Dad, and Quinn.

Oh, no mother's day picture montage taken by a 3 year old would be complete without the race track...

Or at least a picture of the back of Quinn's head....

And the monkeys on the lamp....

His special football...

My Mom's hat collection....

My Dad's suit closet...

And a last thought on mamas, a song from Tupac, it's true for me and my Mom and I hope it's true for my boys:
"to keep me happy  there's no limit to the things you did and all my childhood memories are full of all the sweet things you did for me and even if I act craaaazy I thank the Lord that you made me"

Ahhhh, Tupac should've gone into writing Hallmark cards. Lol.