Monday, April 25, 2011

Yay! Easter!

Ever since I was little, I always have thought, God must be so sad on Good Friday (or the day we celebrate as Good Friday) and so happy on Easter, cause the weather is always horrible on Good Friday and is always amazing on Easter. This year was no exception.  Friday was torrential downpours, what a sad reminder of what happened so many years ago and sunday was glorious and perfect, a reminder of the miracle of redemption that happened thru Christ! And even better, this year, Judah is starting to get It. So cool.

We got to go on a Easter Egg hunt at my parent's church.....
I love the toddler Easter egg "hunt" where they are literally laid all over the grass.  I think adults need Easter egg hunts, but the eggs need to be filled with cash.. hmmm... now who will sponsor this hunt?? ;)  
Quinn must've put at least 3 peices of fully wrapped candies in his mouth and tried to eat them along the way. And the worst thing was they were half melted chocolates, that were now dripping all over his hand. Oh well.. boys..... sigh.

Guillermo's sister Carla or "Titi" as she's referred at our house came down and she & Guillermo took the boys to the beach! 

That's the look of someone trying to pull a fast one on their Titi!

Easter Sunday came too fast!  
Judah has been BEGGING for a pillow pet for over six months, so I finally caved in when I realized he wasn't going to forget about that request.... (I suppose it could've been worse, like the almost life size stuffed tiger I begged for as a kid)
And this is the quality of our pictures lately.... irritated boy and bored boy... I think I need that computer software to super impose smiling faces over these faces- but here's the mama & the boys Easter pic...
Look at my handsome man! Definitely cuter than the Easter bunny. 
Judah with his Papa. I convinced them to wear their ties "to be like Papa" and they agreed.... 

And they managed to look calm & presentable thru 2 services at church! Judah even sat with us during the entire service for the 2nd service after we were in the nursery for the first service, quite the Easter blessing! 
Papa receiving his beauty treatment. I liked when Judah started trying to curl his hair by shoving the drill on his head.
It was warm enough to bring out the slip n' slide! 
Awwww, cute sibs.. 
"Papa", "Mimi" and our friend Denise!

Great day with great friends and an even greater reason to celebrate!


Home school Mom said... the Easter pics and their little outfits. How sweet. ;) I love Easter egg hunts....especially when they are laid all over the ground. ;)
Happy Easter!

Julie said...

Love love love the picture of Dad and Judah! That is such a cute picture and he looks JUST. LIKE. YOU! Do I have to keep saying that?! :) He's your mini-me! It looks like your Easter was the perfect mix of fun and family.

Robinson Family said...

They are so handsome! I love them in their ties. So glad we could connect for a bit. Thanks again for breakfast and most of all spending the time. I'd love a copy of the picture of us. Can you email it?!