Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Party's Here"

You can't have a Sherman family gathering without dressing up!! Just us guidos and guidettes.....doin what we do at the Jersey Shore.. or should I say Joizee Sho'
It's Bobby D, The Calculation and Ginny (shouldn't that be an east coast sign there G?)

Ginny and C Pow

Bobby D and Carole, the Holiday 
The Calculation and Rookie

Actually the whole way the Jersey Shore thing came about was Rebecca told me on the phone she was going to dress up in a "snoopy suit" to run the bridge run.. I thought it was odd, but whatever... then later she said she did NOT say a snoopy suit, she said a "snooki poof" in her hair... so here is Will & Rebecca sans snoopy suit after they ran the bridge!

Judah cried all morning that he couldn't run the bridge with Aunt Rebecca & Uncle Will, so when Rebecca took him running down the street he felt better! 

Guillermo was over the crowds, but I LOVE that kind of fun huge group of people (over 30,000) doing something cool like the bridge run!
Ok, I've gotta go.. I've gotta get my first pump on!


Mrs Woo said...

Your parents look incredible! Whatever their fountain of youth is bottle that junx!

Bethany Bak said...

Love the picture of your parents! I had to do a double take to make sure it was really them. Awesome!


P.S. Have a wonderful time in New York! :-)

Home school Mom said...

Love your dress up pictures...those are great! ;) I love the picture of 30,000 running over the bridge too. It's so much fun to be apart of a group that big. I remember running in Florida with a group that big and it was awesome! Very inspiring! ;)))

Robinson Family said...

Ok, that does it. I'm officially in love with your dad. :o)