Monday, April 25, 2011

Yay! Easter!

Ever since I was little, I always have thought, God must be so sad on Good Friday (or the day we celebrate as Good Friday) and so happy on Easter, cause the weather is always horrible on Good Friday and is always amazing on Easter. This year was no exception.  Friday was torrential downpours, what a sad reminder of what happened so many years ago and sunday was glorious and perfect, a reminder of the miracle of redemption that happened thru Christ! And even better, this year, Judah is starting to get It. So cool.

We got to go on a Easter Egg hunt at my parent's church.....
I love the toddler Easter egg "hunt" where they are literally laid all over the grass.  I think adults need Easter egg hunts, but the eggs need to be filled with cash.. hmmm... now who will sponsor this hunt?? ;)  
Quinn must've put at least 3 peices of fully wrapped candies in his mouth and tried to eat them along the way. And the worst thing was they were half melted chocolates, that were now dripping all over his hand. Oh well.. boys..... sigh.

Guillermo's sister Carla or "Titi" as she's referred at our house came down and she & Guillermo took the boys to the beach! 

That's the look of someone trying to pull a fast one on their Titi!

Easter Sunday came too fast!  
Judah has been BEGGING for a pillow pet for over six months, so I finally caved in when I realized he wasn't going to forget about that request.... (I suppose it could've been worse, like the almost life size stuffed tiger I begged for as a kid)
And this is the quality of our pictures lately.... irritated boy and bored boy... I think I need that computer software to super impose smiling faces over these faces- but here's the mama & the boys Easter pic...
Look at my handsome man! Definitely cuter than the Easter bunny. 
Judah with his Papa. I convinced them to wear their ties "to be like Papa" and they agreed.... 

And they managed to look calm & presentable thru 2 services at church! Judah even sat with us during the entire service for the 2nd service after we were in the nursery for the first service, quite the Easter blessing! 
Papa receiving his beauty treatment. I liked when Judah started trying to curl his hair by shoving the drill on his head.
It was warm enough to bring out the slip n' slide! 
Awwww, cute sibs.. 
"Papa", "Mimi" and our friend Denise!

Great day with great friends and an even greater reason to celebrate!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Date with my Boos.....

After my trip, I got to go on a date with my three favorite guys!
We did the Great Date Expirement for April, SO rad.. check it out:

I took Quinny to his favorite place in the world, the SPCA.. He's like me, he has amor de muerte for the animals  (where you want to hold them and squeeze them and love them so much, they want to bite your face off)...... 
The kittens were so cute!
Judah & I went to the park and to a few stores and I let him help me with the shopping list (he feels so important being able to help)....

Our saturdays are always fun, but with boys, you tend to get hot & sweaty before your actual outing happens...  
Judah demands to push Quinn, which is JUST fine by me! :) 
Daddy's little ducklings.... 
Look at those sweaty heads and those pink cheeks! *they git it from der mama!*

So the boys work on a reward chart when they behave well during the day and they go to sleep without talking or laughing at night, so this time they were working towards 15 stickers each to go to Frankies. 
Nice life preserver face mask there Quinn... 
Judah has absolutely NO fear when it comes to amusement park rides. I was the same way, so it doesn't surprise me.  I had to go on this ride with him and lemme tell you, I do not like the dropping rides anymore.. but he LOVED it and was beaming happy the whole time! 
Happy boys! Ahhh, the reward of good behavior. (why can't they ALWAYS behave)! ;) 

Everytime Quinn rides the go-carts he has the most serious face! I know he is having the best time, but this is what he looks like until the go cart actually starts! You'd think he's petrified!
We got to do a picnic with our friends and we all had such a good time.... 
Can you see Judah's giant pink 'stash from the snapple juice? 
And then his face of discomfort here?... my poor bebe ....about ten minutes after this as we're driving home, he blew red chunks all over the car. Seriously thankful for a nursing student husband at moments like that. He's the voice of calm and reason (and cleans up barf off car floors). I love you babe.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Foodie Adventures in the Big Apple

My computer at home died- so it's been a little while since my last post! But I got to do something amazing since the last post! My older sister Julie took me on a trip to NYC! If you were to look up "how to be a friend" in the dictionary, you'd see her face. Julie and I are opposites, in many ways. She is refined, she is quiet and calm, she is genius smart and then her loud mouth, wild, silly sister came along... she's the calm and voice of reason in my storm, she is the person I want to share all of the details of my life with and I am so beyond blessed to have her in my life.

So here is our foodie adventure in NYC, just the two of us for two glorious days!
I think at this point I wanted to thrust myself from the plane to start our trip! It's like that feeling I got
driving into an amusement park as a kid, as soon as you can see all those rides, you're so giddy you want to jump out of the moving car just to get in line already! (Or maybe that was just me??)
Seriously, probably the coolest airport sign in the world.  There is just something about NYC that is super charged, magical and alive, you can feel it from the moment you fly in.

After a skip hop and a jump flight from our respective home towns our adventure began...
This was the sight just a block from our hotel..... We decided to not go to see the statue of liberty though since we had a limited amount of time... but seeing her from afar was great!
Please take a close look at those boots. I hate you boots. I wear these boots to work almost every day, so I figured they'd be ok on my trip, but by the afternoon on the first day I had about 7 blisters and my feet felt like they were on fire. So I bought a pair of tennis shoes and we were good to go. I swear, on my next trip anywhere,  I'm wearing orthopedic shoes!!
Dancing on the keys at FAO Schwartz was something on my bucket list!!! Although I did have this idea of me being able to make actual music on that thing, but the darn kids kept messing it up. ;)  I'm not sure why at 32 years old a toy store would make me so happy, but let me tell you, I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was there!
Nothing like dancing with a lego C3PO and having lego man fist pumping behind you....
Julie escaped near death from the derranged lego Chewie.....

So here is our foodie part of the trip:

For anyone that really knows me, you know I am about the farthest thing from a foodie. I appreciate all food, or in other words, I have an extremely unsophisticated palate, but Julie on the other hand not only makes the best food ever, but she can apperciate all the little details about food and researched all the best places to go in NYC to eat.. so this was one of the places we went: Il Mulino in Little Italy was the big meal of the trip and man, was it amazing!
Lobster spaghetti.. yummmmm. And this place had the best garlic bread and brushetta I've ever eaten. I avoided being that tourist and asking for another basket of bread and shoving it all in my purse...
That whipped topping had a fancy name, which I can't remember, but let me tell you, in my dreams, there is a giant pool of this stuff that I get to eat my way out of!
Has anyone ever warned you that Times Square at night is magic?? It's really like nowhere else I've ever been. EVERYthing is lit up, huge digital screen covering buildings, and we were shopping in Forever 21 at midnight! Crazy. We loved it! 
You'd have thought it was 8 at night is was bustling and filled with people. Truly the City that Never Sleeps.
Nothing like eating Halal food truck at 1am!  We've been craving Halal food truck ever since we left.. maybe we'll both ditch our careers and you'll see us in downtown Charleston & Atlanta manning a Halal food truck. ;) (oh, and you'd notice me, cause I'd be 800 lbs from eating halal food truck 17 times a day)
And of course, we had to stop by the "best pizza in NYC" (JUST kidding... did you see that Office episode, where Michael Scott goes to the "best" pizza joint in NYC and he goes to Sbarro??)
We ended our foodie adventure with a frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity III (have you seen the movie Serendipity?).. SO delish, but so filling!

Because NYC is so classic, I had to do a montage of B&W photos....
Julie looking like the cute new yorker (minus the giant Cannon digital camera hanging from her neck. Lol)

Chinatown! Canal Street- woo woo!
Riding the subway about 100 times, awesome, fast, stinky...
Central park at sunset. Magic.

Skyscrapers and historical gotham churches.
The best trip, with the best girl. I'll remember this trip for the rest of my life!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Party's Here"

You can't have a Sherman family gathering without dressing up!! Just us guidos and guidettes.....doin what we do at the Jersey Shore.. or should I say Joizee Sho'
It's Bobby D, The Calculation and Ginny (shouldn't that be an east coast sign there G?)

Ginny and C Pow

Bobby D and Carole, the Holiday 
The Calculation and Rookie

Actually the whole way the Jersey Shore thing came about was Rebecca told me on the phone she was going to dress up in a "snoopy suit" to run the bridge run.. I thought it was odd, but whatever... then later she said she did NOT say a snoopy suit, she said a "snooki poof" in her hair... so here is Will & Rebecca sans snoopy suit after they ran the bridge!

Judah cried all morning that he couldn't run the bridge with Aunt Rebecca & Uncle Will, so when Rebecca took him running down the street he felt better! 

Guillermo was over the crowds, but I LOVE that kind of fun huge group of people (over 30,000) doing something cool like the bridge run!
Ok, I've gotta go.. I've gotta get my first pump on!