Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring: Charleston's Crown Jewel....

I gripe a LOT about Charleston's weather. But I have to give credit where credit is due. The spring here is magnicificent and *almost* makes the horrible humidty and heat and lack of fall/winter worth it. 

We've been spending the past two weeks enjoying all things spring in Charleston....

We got to visit our friend's lake house, just 45 minutes away from Charleston, but feels like a whole 'nother world. Just far enough away from Charleston to feel like you're on a mini vacation!

That lake is full of alligators! I dared Guillermo to wrap his feet in bacon and hang them over the edge and he refused. He's NO fun!! (just kidding)
"I'm stronger than an alligator" the boys are saying here....
PS. wearing a monster truck shirt while at the lake is mandatory.. .you know, while in Rome....
No trip to the lake would be complete without a bon fire! What an incredible day, how blessed to have friends that keep inviting us to their lake house.....

And of course once the weather turns slightly warm, you gotta head out to the beach....for some sunset soccer! Or if you're me, after your athletic kids kick the soccer ball really hard you run as fast as your non-athletic legs will possibly carry you to get 45 yards across the beach before the soccer ball hits the waves and your "work out" yoga style pants are falling down the whole time. Yea, it's a sight.

Judah & I had a date the other day and we ran half of the bridge. Judah ran the whole thing until about 3/4 of the way down, I was so proud of him! (and wait until you see the video of him high fiving all the chicks as he ran, to be posted soon)

The view from the top, it never gets old! Even when the bridge is swaying in the wind beneath your feet.

When we got to the top, we had a special heart to heart. I now know that Judah prefers "race car boats" to race cars and motorcycles and his favorite food is noodles, "the kind in chicken noodle soup". Moments like that, along with Quinn's new thing, as he cups my face in his hands and in the most earnest and loving voice says "My Mama" just make my heart melt! 

And of course, you haven't had a good time until you crack each other up. I told him, I wonder what Daddy is doing right now and he said, "I bet he has a worm in his nose" and burst out laughing!

There were several awesome peeps born in the month of February and March.....including:
Sweet and loving lil cutie Luke and his Batman birthday at the park....

My amazing, ray of sunshine,  heart of gold, hilarious, hard working, hot baby daddy had a birthday!
All you can eat crab legs dinner, seriously, the best gift you could ever get the guy (thanks J&F!).....look at that smile! That's a smile you get when you get to put 32 ounces of melted butter on your food!
And spending a night with a sweet & amazing friends who we don't get to see very often is a true gift!
It must've been a plaid party??

You've gotta visit the local race car track/fun park while it's perfect weather.....
We went with one of our best friends to Frankie's Fun Park and then he agreed to take Quinn on the giant fun slide with Guillermo and Judah so I could take pictures, now that's friendship! Thanks Scott!

And happy birthday to an awesome and fun Abuelo!

And happy birthday to my beautiful chubby bunny Dean, who I want to squeeze EVERY day but I get sad cause you're a whole state away!

And last but not least, happy birthday to one of my oldest, sweetest, knows me the bestest friends Elizabeth!


Home school Mom said...

The lake house looks like so much fun! I would love that kind of day! ;)) We can't WAIT to start up our bon fire and roast S'mores!!! We were just talking about that the other day. We're craving them lately! Enjoy your spring! Ours will be here soon and it can't come soon enough!
Betsy @
LIFE Up North

my little kingdom said...

So sweet. Loved this post with all the fun pics! The lake house looks amazing! And you go girl with running that bridge and Judah running so far too! Can't wait to see the video you'll be posting. :)

Julie said...

I love all the pics in this post! I can't believe Judah is so big and grown up and picking up chicks. ;) You're so right... nothing beats a Charleston spring day! Atlanta goes straight from winter to freakishly hot summer. Wish we could all be together for every birthday! I would especially love to eat crab legs with G & James and show them who's boss!!