Friday, March 25, 2011

One of the Sweetest Things I've Ever Heard!

Like most mornings, this morning Judah stumbled out of his room half asleep clutching his blankets and climbed into my bed. He has little puffy morning cheeks and the fullest most perfect little mouth and he was just sitting there like a little cherub, looking still half asleep. I asked him "what did you dream about" ... as I do from time to time and he replied "God".... and I asked him "what was your dream about" and he said "it was really dark and all I could see was Quinn's yellow pirate pjs" (Quinn has skull pjs that glow in the dark) and I asked him "what did God do?"

And he said "God protected me"

As a mama, that was such a wow moment for me.  All my hearts desire is that my kids know the Lord intimately from a young age and that they love God passionately and want to follow His will for their lives. And that made my whole day!

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Home school Mom said... precious! I love those moments. ;)) Sweet.