Thursday, March 24, 2011

I feel good. I feel great. I feel wonderful.

I feel good. I feel great. I feel wonderful (repeat). Rememeber What about Bob? Well, today is a good day. And it's not just good because "I didn't even have to use my A.K." (one of my favorite rap lyrics, you've probably heard it before if you've read my blog for awhile) And to make it even better. I won an award!!  Thanks Jackie, I hope a giant 3 foot tiara comes with that award!

1. Remember winning awards in school? Of all the awards I ever won (you know, prestigious awards, like winning a potato sack race), the only one I really remember was for asking the dumbest question in band. I have these fleeting moments where I think my brain literally turns off and something extremely stupid goes thru my mind/comes out of my mouth. Well, they were re-lining the football field, but our marching band still had to practice…. So we were on the blank grassy field practicing and someone mentioned how it sucked that there were no lines on the field and –cue brain turning off- I asked “are there normally lines on the field?” Now mind you, the lines are how we learned all of our choreography to move over the field.. so yea, that was pretty bad.

2. I may have told this to a few of you already, but my insane life (working like a maniac all day and staying at work late everyday and then trying to come home and be the world’s best mom/wife/blah blah blah) is eating my brain. I think my brain literally turns off at the end of long day where I’ve worked my mind to the brink, either that or I have another case of extreme stupidity, twice (not once, but twice) I’ve literally stood in front of my front door to my house pushing the “open door” button on my car remote, expecting the door to unlock. Twice people. Twice.

3. My favorite thing in the whole world is irony. Not like the irony Alanis Morrisett sang about, but funny irony- like when someone who thinks they are soo cool passes gas by accident in public. A funny moment like that can literally make me laugh out loud for years to come at the thought of it. Sort of like when I used to ride my motorcycle to class back in college. I used to feel so cool, getting around all the cars waiting to park in the garage, cause I could get in thru the side and park in the motorcycle parking. So one day, I jumped off my bike, and started heading to class and literally walking across the street in front of the cars that were still waiting to get into the garage, I tripped while about to cross the street on one of those awful downtown bricks and fell flat on my face in front of the cars- literally laying face down like a speed bump. And then their light turned green, so they were inching up on me. Now mind you- accounting books are generally 150 lbs each and I think I had about 3 in my book bag- so I was sort of like a turtle with this giant book bag “shell” on me and I had my helmet in my other hand. I’m sitting there thinking HOW can I get up and outta here as fast as humanly possible? Whenever I think about that, I am amused and horrified.

4. I still think that kids in college are my peers, until I remember that I’m at least 12 years older than them and then they call me “Miss Courtney” and I have a Jan Brady moment “who am i?” LOL.

5. I seriously want Adam Lamberts hair. And Asian hair. My biggest splurge on myself is hair products and I’m constantly trying to find that cheap product that works as well as the nice one. And it’s just not out there. But recently I did buy hair products at one tenth the cost from Hong Kong on Ebay- desperate times call for desperate measures- let's hope it's the real deal. It's still in international transit, so I'll let ya know.

6. One of my favorite shows is Ninja Warrior. Lately I’ve been addicted to the American Ninja Warrior, where 15 people train and compete to go to the real show in Japan. When I watch these guys, I get so amped up, I think I could go outside and run up the side of a twenty two foot wall and jump onto the roof. In every other area of life I am logical and realistic to a fault, but when it comes to unnatural human feats of physical ability I have this weird unrealistic idealistic thought of myself actually being able to do these things.

7. Speaking of failing at physical feats… one of the best laughs we got as a squad back in the po-po days was when there was a foot pursuit, the officer that trained me was about to get out of his car to join in the pursuit, when he literally only took one step out of the car, immediately pulled his groin muscle and fell helplessy on the ground. We all hated him going thru that horrible pulled muscle, but we laughed for years about him literally opening up the car door and basically falling out even before he joined in the pursuit.

And because I like all of you- here is a tip: Never, ever rent the movie Buried (with Ryan Reynolds).. it's literally him in a box, buried for about an hour and a half. No flash backs, no nothing, just him in a box.  Worst movie ever. Just imagine Ryan Reynolds, in a box, buried alive and imagine him in the box for an hour and a half. Now you've seen the whole movie in your mind.

And now to announce MY 7 facts blog awards winners (cue balloons/confetti):

Yummy Family
The VanHoutens
Tales from the Tylers
Made for you by Mrs. Woo

Now YOU have to announce 7 facts about yourself/your life.


Home school Mom said...

ha ha....VERY NICE! Let me know the cheap, great hair product if you find it. I'm on that search too! :) I especially love the tip on the 'Buried' movie. :))
Betsy ;)

Mrs Woo said...

Oh fun! I am so crap at doing these! I will force myself to do it this time!
Oh to have fun hair again *sigh*, it just won't happen unless James moves his cute little buns over here! I've gone to a few salons here over the years but just haven't found anyone even close to James! Hence my long, long hair and home cut bangs.
You'll be pleased though! It's black again!

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

Felicia! I DOOOO love the black hair. Fo sho. And you can rock the Betty Page look with long black hair and bangs.. :)
I hear you about James, he has magic in those hair cutting fingers/scissors! Although he has and does cut my hair in a perfect hair cut, I still have to deal with my CRAP hair. Fine, flat, curls in the humidity. Bah.