Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Teach me how to Dougie.

There are few things in life a father can teach his sons that is more moving than teaching them how to dougie.

And on a non-teach me how to dougie note-we are so happy for our peeps Ryan & Erin who are getting married in just a few short weeks!!
Machine Gun Kelly represent! (their old band, Ryan was the guitarist. And the boy can shred.) 
It's the wedding shower mugshot! ;)


Jackie Miller said...

I need some dougie lessons over here!

Home school Mom said...

ha ha ha.....that's hilarious! Your husband is so funny! What fun family memories you're making! ;))
Love it!
Betsy ;)

Home school Mom said...

ha ha...all we do is make food around here. lol ;) I'm hoping one day...when I'm too old to function and cook for kids will make me all this good food! ;) I can dream ;)

Julie said...

I feel old... am I 95? How do I not know what "dougie" is???? :) Did you make that up? Anyways, G has some funky dance moves - I hope Judah and Quinn can learn them QUICK! Post more videos! I want to see my cute little nephews and all the funny things they do!