Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If tear drops and giggles were nickels, we'd have a lot of nickels.

Quinn is hilarious. And Judah is so sweet & endearing. Quinn can go thru every emotion in about a minute. He'll be giggling, then he'll get incredibly frustrated, then he'll start sobbing, and two seconds later he'll be roaring with laughter!

Here, you can imagine it all pan out.

Me: "Hey guys, put some pants on and come check out your clllllleeeeeeaaaan new play area (and reorganized back porch that mama and dad worked on your entire nap and then some)!"
Judah: "Wow! So Cool!"  Quinn: "Tay-Tuu Mama, por por por" (Thank you mama, porch, porch, porch)
And here's where it gets tricky. Judah brought his dinosaurs to play with, while Quinn only has his lion and tiger, but Quinn wants dinosaurs.  
Judah: "Quinn! I have something that will make you happy" (this was pretty smart of Judah, I think pinwheels make everyone happy) 
 Oh! Problem solved. Judah- I love that kid.
And I love Daddy even more who brought out a big ol' handful of animals and dinosaurs. Happiness again.

Speaking of happy, Guillermo finished my birthday present! (and yes, my birthday was in september-but we've been busy).

About a year ago, I told my guy friends I needed to find someone that had antlers they were willing to give me or sell me cheap after I was totally inspired to put antlers in my room!  By that afternoon I had not one, but 2 pairs of antlers in my office!  So I've had these two pairs of antlers on my back porch since then. Now Gmo made them all purrrty up and hung them on my wall. Now I know for MOST people - antlers above their bed aren't their thing (unless you have seven first names, get your fashion sense from and goats live in your living room) but I personally love them and think they are the perfect masculine element for my otherwise feminine decor in my room!

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Home school Mom said...

Awww...your bedroom is pretty and I love that color blue. That may be a color that goes in my renovated house. ;)) (it's in one of my rugs and I love it!)
And we have a lot of "Nickel's" over here too! hee hee!
Nice job on the playroom too! I love organization!
Betsy @
LIFE Up North ;)