Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Love Lamp.

I couldn't resist. I love that line, have you seen Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy?

I also LOVE Valentine's Day. Who cares that it becomes commercial? Any excuse to tell your besties how much you love them and dress up your house, to make special crafts, to eat special food... bring it on! I probably love holidays so much because my Mom always made holidays so special for us as kids. The table was always decorated so special, we always got the most fun & yummy treats around each holiday.. we took advantage of the love holiday for 2 weeks of crafts for the boys....

This is totally Evelina's handiwork, she's a wizard with scissors and is so creative and Judah helps her put it all together!

We celebrated a day early since V-day is work day for us. And just so you know, those are not sweet and sentimental ballons, those are bonking your brother and dog devices until they break (which was about an hour later on the way to church)....

So my parent's church had an awesome snow-fest.
This is how you dress for a snow fest in the south: t-shirts, jeans and a winter hat! :)
Awww, Davey Crockett and his brother

My Dad was so awesome and played with the kids and was the target for many snow balls.... 
Even to the face! 
"I believe I can fly"- Judah is SO R Kelly (oh, wait, that's not good)
I love it, now that the boys are older, I give them chores. The other day they got $0.50 each for wiping down base boards and today they got another $0.50 for pulling weeds. hahahahaha.  They both Love to help and they are even more excited to put money in their piggy banks!

We got an unexpected fun afternoon at the park with our dear friends!
These are the milestones only a mother would appreciate: her two big boys - Judah pushing his brother and Quinn sitting in the big boy swing!

And it's all fun and games until Quinn split his lip open on the playground! 
Auntie Beth with her future fireman! 
Now that's an amazing picture, everyone is looking in the direction of the camera, we'll work on OPENING up our eyes and smiling at the same time next!


Home school Mom said...

Love all your hearts and crafts for the boys! You're such a sweet Mom and you make life so special for your kids! They will also have special memories of their Mom for each holiday! ;)
Anytime I can eat extra chocolate for a holiday....bring it on! LOVE! :))

Robinson Family said...

I have been away for too long! Those boys are HUGE!!! And we got our pirate stuff at the dollar stores and Party City. I got it when I was teaching back in 2007 YIKES! But they should still have stuff. V-Day. You Rocked the hearts day sista.

my little kingdom said...

You are always so creative and great with kid's crafts. I love the valentines the boys made! My favorite part about this post is the chores they are doing. What a great idea and a great way to teach them "work ethics". :) We had a blast at that park that day too!