Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Heart Cheat Night

Some of you may know, I've started my heinous diet. I should rephrase. All diets are heinous, not just this one.  My inner fat kid is strong and well and prefers to eat twinkies and fried pork chops (or poke chops if you're from the south) and drink chocolate milk and milk shakes whenever possible. I finally thought it was time to put my inner fat kid in time out and get back on track a few weeks ago. So far so good... but the best part is waiting for my cheat night. All the possiblities run thru your mind, like WHAT do you want to do on your cheat night. And we chose Pizza & a beer.
It's like a combination made up by a junk food wizard of magical happiness.
Judah loves cheat nights too! 
And also a major plus of the night, was this little kid in the striped shirt was busting some awesome dance moves the whole meal, so after dinner we had to join him on the "dance floor"! My little dancer- Judah was giving him a run for his money!

And the following day we had to pay the piper for our cheat night with lots of exercise. I am happy that I was able to run the entire pier and park without going into a mozzerlla and pizza dough coma.
Get us out of this stroller mama so we can run too! 
I KNOW Judah was thinking "I wonder if I can climb over the railing and see if there are really sharks and whales in that water!"
Run Forest Run!

Is it possible? Can a 30 year old Daddy & a 32 year old Mama tire out a rambunctious 2 and 3 year old?! By golly yes! The universe has tilted on it's axis folks!

And for the days when we don't have enough energy to wear the kids out......
You send them out on their scooters!

The Goodwill fairy was smiling down on us this weekend when I found not one, but TWO identical spiderman scooter in perfect shape, for toddlers, for $3 a peice! Now that is Good Will Hunting! 

And if the scooters didn't get all the energy out, that park surely will!
Mimi - it's your turn when Quinn incessantly demands "get me! get me! get me!" and runs in the opposite direction!

If only I could bottle that energy and sell it on an infomercial. Man, talk about get rich quick! "I might cop a million Jimmy Choos just for fun" just like Nicki Minaj! Actually, if I could afford to own a million of anything, it sure as heck wouldn't be designer shoes! 


Home school Mom said...

NICE JOB ON STICKING TO YOUR DIET...BTW! ;)) Keep it up! Cheat night looks FABULOUS!! That pizza looks awesome! Exactly what I would choose for cheat night! I'm dieting too....blah! ....and running...blah! BUT...its for our trip to Florida, so that makes it a little more worth it! ;)) I must get in a bath suit without embarrassing my kids! lol ;)
My bday is on St. Patricks day...March 17th! I'll be 24...ha ha!
Have a FAB weekend with your boys! ;))
xoxox ~

Julie said...

That last pic of Judah and Quinn running together shows what every mom dreams of - seeing her kids, playing without a care in the world, and having a friend to share in the fun! You can really see how Judah and Quinn are growing up together - they are almost looking the same size now! I love Quinn's black and white striped T - so cute! You need to start a "boys style" section of your blog, since most boys clothes are so blahhhh... Anyways, enjoy the cheat days! And dream about the day when every day is cheat day!!