Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You know you have a big boy when......

 Yesterday I came home and Judah proudly showed me his latest artwork. I was fully expecting to see one of his cute colored pictures, or some craft picture or some type of drawing, or practising writing. I never expected to see his first "self portrait", that no one helped him with or told him what to draw.  Now, as I look at the beautiful picture at work, I know that I have a big boy at home... it makes me happy and it makes me sad. Time flies by SO fast!

Why do kids always start off by doing the limbs and a head but no torso? I know it's totally a mom thing  to be so proud of your 3.5 year olds first little picture of themselves, but I had to post it, especially for Mimi, Abuela, BisAbulea and Aunties & Titi! :) 


Julie said...

That's great! I don't think Devon has even drawn "people" yet without some direction (like "first draw a head..."). I can't even believe how fast our babies have grown into boys!

my little kingdom said...

I just love this post. Judah's self portrait is adorable and so special because it's his first! How sweet. I know it just melts your heart.

The Tylers said...

Ahhh! That is SO perfect & SO precious. I have often wondered, too, how Thomas doesn't realize (at age 4 1/2) that arms and legs do not grow out of the head. Then again this was the child that connected my nursing pump to his belly button :)

Home school Mom said... sweet. I love! ;))
Betsy @ LIFE Up North