Tuesday, January 25, 2011

U Know What It Is, Black & Yellow

Uh huh. You know what it is. Black & yellow, black & yellow.
Steelers going to the Super Bowl again! Guillermo's heart goes pitter pat. Lol. 
 And our sweet friends that came over to our football party were ANTI Steelers.. but we still love them anyways.
I hate football, BUT I think I might just like the steelers. Here are the reasons why: 1. I want my hubby to be happy and he's obsessed. 2. They have the best uniform colors, and the best logo. 3. Wiz Khalifa wrote a song about them.  4. Snoop is a fan and named the peewee football team he used to coach the Steelers.  5. Polamalu's hair- have you SEEN that dudes hair? AND he's a really strong Christian.  6. The coach is the most calm and cool coach out there. I've been forced to watch a lot of football in the past nine years and the Steelers coach is who I want with me if we come under an alien attack, he'd be like- it's cool yo- I'll just get big Ben over here.

Judah's new thing. One day out of the blue, he looked at me, crossed his eyes and said "two mamas" and now he won't stop doing it.. Well, when my sister and I were in high school, we used to cross our eyes and tell people we didn't realize they had an identical twin brother (or sister). Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

And last but not least... Happy Birthday to an Awesome Abuela!


Julie said...

Hahahaha!!!!!! Judah crossing his eyes is HILARIOUS!

Home school Mom said...

ha ha....I do not like crossed eyes for some reason. My kids have done that before and it totally grosses me out and I won't let them do it. LOL :))
That is funny that he learned that though and does it for you now.....just like his Mommy! ;))
What else can he do that his Mommy used to do? hee :)
Betsy @
LIFE Up North ;)

my little kingdom said...

AH HAH!! So the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl!! Awesome news!! I'm so excited for Gmo!! And all those cool stats you put about the team. I had no idea. Makes it more interesting although, I still find the food WAAAY more interesting! :)