Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have been craving Japanese Steak House like CRAZY lately. Thank God my parents treated us to a really nice meal and took us out to the restaurant. Hibacheeeeee! Yes. Bring on the corny jokes, bring on the flaming onion volcano and throw shrimp in my face! Yum. Thanks ya'll!
Judah was an old pro with the kiddie chop sticks! (I still use the kid chop sticks too,  that really hurts my asain street cred...)
Quinn still thinks using his fingers is faster than using a fork, forget about chop sticks- the boy wants to shovel food in his mouth as fast as possible.  
After dinner Judah said, Mama, my stomach is soooo full!! Yes son, this is one life lesson you'll learn: you cannot leave a Japanese steak house until you are about to explode! (this is why, preferably you wear stretchy pants to the restaurant) 
I was commenting to my Mom, wow, Quinn ate his WHOLE plate!! Ummm, well I guess half of it fell down his shirt, maybe that was his midnight snack. 
So like all goooood weekends, we include rest, relaxtion AND productivity. We reorganized our laundry room to serve as a craft room.  Our laundry room used to look like someone just shoved every peice of junk in our house in there and we tried as hard as we could to keep it somewhat organized and functional. I am sooo happy with this room now, I think Martha Stewart would give me a gold star for effort. Or she'd sucker punch me and say "WIRE SHELVING and NO matching storage containters!!" ;)
For Christmas we had a secret Santa gift exchange at work. I would've never thought of getting this, but my secret Santa got me this awesome craft station. It is SO awesome for kids crafts. She said she got it at the craft store in case you need one too!

And we had to celebrate Steeler's big win against the Ravens. I tried to make this cake's frosting out of melted chocolate and whipped homemade buttercream frosting, but it just looks like a disaster. Let's hope it tastes great! 


Julie said...

It looks like Judah is eating a squid with his chopsticks! Could that piece of lettuce be any bigger? :) And Quinn was already in a food coma - look at his expression! I wish we could eat Hibachi with you guys!!!! Now show us some pics of your new car!

Home school Mom said...

Oh my heavens....that food looks awesome. Too bad today was the start of my 'diet week'. I'm starving over here and would eat anything at this point. That looks way good though. ;)
Love the organization! I love cleaning out and organizing closets. That craft rack was a great idea for a gift.....very useful! :))
The cake.....umm.....again...on a diet.....would eat anything, but that looks so scrumptious! I bet it tasted good! :D That frosting looks yummy and creamy.....sigh....some day I'll eat frosting again. :)
Looks like you had a great weekend together!
Betsy ;)

my little kingdom said...

That belly on Quinny after the Hibachi grill is too cute! What a great pic! The craft room/laundry room is great too. I know you are so thrilled to have a place to keep all your crafts together. :)