Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011, Super Hero Fish and Three Wisemen Day

Every year I attempt to get a good picture of the James Island County Park light showing the new year. No doubt we piss everyone off in line behind us-it's the last light before you leave the park, cause I have to wait for it to light 2011 instead of 2010 and the camera keeps laggin and it keeps taking it when 2010 is lit and I'm like - WE CAN'T LEAVE before I get my shot, this is my one chance.  So silly. and then it's all crazy shaky and out of focus.

New Years Eve peeps!  
We are so wild & crazy! We STAYED home and ate pigs in a blanket! hahahaha. We had our little party and ever since Judah has been asking "is tonight a party?" and thinking he can drink his "special drink" (he got to drink soda).... I think we created a party animal. ;)

What's a party without dancing? So we danced!

I have been dreaming of Judah & Quinn's shared bedroom for about 2 years and 10 months (when I found out I was pregnant and would day dream of those two kids sharing rooms, and doing everything together).   I asked Judah about a year ago what kind of big boy room he wanted and he said he wanted Spiderman- SO- we have been patiently waiting for this big boy, shared bedroom- super hero themed room to come to fruition.  I searched high & low for the right comforters and rugs and sheets and decor items and asked for the bulk of it as Christmas presents, so we waited patiently until Christmas. I asked my uber talented sis, Rebecca to paint some of her amazing paintings for the room. And now it's ALL finally together! Voila!

Now that's talent!

Judah's bed.

Quinn's bed.

YAY! Project complete.

And another Christmas present we got the boys, their very own fish tank! I'm bound and determined not to kill all of these fish, as I have done with every fish I've ever owned, so I did lots of research on them, nitrogen cycles, hearty fish, blah blah blah. STAY ALIVE fishies. Don't scar my kids for life by dying on us. Or by having babies and eating them. Ok, so are you ready for their names? Names by Judah: Hulk, Batman, Spiderman, names by us: Nicki Minaj and Wiz Kalifah. Superheros and hip hop stars- it's the fish posse of the century. Judah said "Wiz is insane! He won't eat food on the bottom" (where did he come up with that?)

It's good to be a Puerto Rican (or half PR in the boys case). Turns out you get presents AFTER Christmas on three wisemen day (January 6th- also my Parents anniversary- 38yrs- HOLLA! What an awesome marriage!! I hope our marriage is just like theirs for 38+ years!) ANYways, on three wisemen day, the wisemen stop by and leave gifts under the bed! Thanks to sweet Abuela & Abuelo, Judah & Quinn got some amazing dress up clothes for their gifts.  
Judah says he's Diego- his new obsession (along with Dora). Map! Backpack! Camera! Aye, aye aye.

It's fire marshall Quinn.

Maybe Judah can start some of those honey-do list items now that he has a tool belt!

Race car Quinny.


Jackie Miller said...

Oh my goodness! When I read your posts I know I was meant to have girls! I don't even know what I would do with all that super hero stuff!! Kind of makes me feel super wimpy or something, but at least braids and skirts and earrings are familiar territory... :) You do a great job with your boys!!!

my little kingdom said...

Absolutely love the new additions to the boy's super hero room! Auntie R is soooo talented as are you with all your awesome decor ideas! Great post and love the new layout. :)

Julie said...

Your new header is perfect for Valentine's Day. Now we want to see some "mug shots" of your fish! I'm sure the boys just want to stay up late and watch their fish swim all night. That's some pretty cool neon rocks they have too!

thetalbotts said...

I love reading your blog posts, Courtney. You crack me up, and your boys are too cute! I love all of the dress up! Eli would live in dress-up clothes if I would let him. And I love Judah's fish quote! How do they come up with this stuff?