Monday, September 27, 2010

Da da da da da da da daaaaaa Baaaat-MAN.

Sometimes you find something AMAZING, that you know will make your kids jump up and down for joy and shout "this is what I've wanted MY WHOLE LIFE!" and play with it for hours....
And instead, find out that the batman costume actually made one of them cry to get it off.......

And the other one concerned that it was too small......

Look at the irritated look on Quinn's face about his new bat-am (as he calls it) arms with wings on the cuffs.......

Hey, at least it was only $0.50........ and here I thought it'd make their YEAR!

And if anyone wondered if the lil' super heros were still learning crap (haha). I'm happy to announce: yes, they are.  
It's natural disaster time! (we figured rainbows and lollipops could wait until next week, cause this week it's the wrath of NATURE. da-duh-dunnnnn)

Tidal waves. Oh, and earth quakes, where they built giant buildings out of blocks and then they got to earth quake them down....

And our beloved.... FALL. Please, oh please come to Charleston, you blessed, blessed, Fall!

Quinn sees the world thru rose colored lenses.

Look at my big ol' boy!!

Twist again, like you did last summer....
We're trying to teach Quinn his colors, so I figured we'd get out twister! I had this fear with Judah too, that he was colored blind, since my Dad is fully colored blind and my Uncles are both partially colored blind (colored blindness is passed thru the mom's Dad to her boys)..... I'm not sure if Quinn just doesn't get the idea of different colors, or he's not seeing them. But hey- that'd make twister easy to play.. if all the circles looked like whatever color you wanted them to be. Lol. Just kidding, I know colored blind people can see colors by their different shades of gray. I remember as kids, we'd watch a ton of black and white movies and ask my Dad to tell us what color dresses they were wearing.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I have been here for over 1 billion seconds!!

It's my 32nd bday homies! I've been here for 1,009,821,632 seconds. That is so crazy! I wish my seconds equaled dollar bills, like Bill Gates! ;)

For part of the fun, we went and ate with Q's at Olive Garden, for the never ending pasta bowl. Woot woot!

Gavin is the pasta monster!

Food coma.

Gimme Moe!

Dang it, my stink eye always ruins the picture!

Life is so unfair, my never ending pasta went straight to my legs. James' all went to his bicep!

And this week we partied with Evelina, Hector and Dante, who happened to have a bday the same day as me!

Happy bday my sweet pea!

Cake vs. Dante! Dante 1 Cake ZERO.

The world's biggest brownie sundae EVER. Go get 'em Tiger.

Gimme Moe! (do you see a trend here?)

Slumber party time!

What great days.

Just the two of us, you & I....

I guess it's 90's R&B flash back time with the two blog title posts. Oddly enough, Will Smith was singing about his precious little boy too..
"crazy joy. when I see the eyes of my baby boy"
True dat Will Smith.

I try to take Judah out on a date at least once a month....... As a spontaneous -glutton for punishment moment- I had the "brilliant" idea of going to Frankie's Fun Park- despite it being 200 degrees outside! Despite sweaty messes it was really fun and Judah was in Heaven!

Judah doesn't look so sure of himself here, but he was in awe the whole time that he was in a "race car".....

He kept saying WE NEED THE RED ONE MAMA (for Lightning McQueen) but the yellow ones were the two seaters.

Since we were the only ones there, they let us ride on the bumber boats for a really long time. There was a huge dead frog in the pool, which I kept having to make waves with the bumper boat so Judah thought he was swimming instead.... Lol....

It's so har-ard to sa-ay good bye to yester-daaaaaayyyy...

I would say that all of my best years of my life were during my years at CPD. My wedding, birth of my kids, becoming a cop, becoming the crime analyst and budget analyst. And all the amazing, genuine, kind, hilarious people I met along the way were the greatest gift I ever got from CPD. I can honestly say I loved my time at CPD and I am so grateful to God that He allowed me to have such a great time at work for 8.5 years.

My sweet freinds threw me the nicest going away party.....I will miss all my crazy & awesome peeps!

These are just a few of the people that made my life so great, I am thankful and blessed by each one of you!
I look forward to staying in touch with many of these amazing people and am so thankful that God has allowed me to start a new & awesome job with a great new set of coworkers with the City of Hanahan!

They were so thoughtful to send me off with tons of goodies including a bag of gold coins, my police set and a whopee cushion! All of the essentials of life at CPD!

Oh and my favorite gift, the roll of toilet paper.  It really brings a tear to my eye....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We are the world, make it a cheddah place....

Or would that be chettah? I don't know, but I know more cheddah is good.

So, what is also good is my 3 year old can vacuum my house! And he does it right, without knocking furniture and getting every corner and he WANTS to do it! I think this is right up there with the blind man seeing again. Ok, so maybe not that spectacular, but still amazing. We'll see how long this lasts. ;)
Can you see his bib "FEED ME"? It is SO Quinn. I have never seen a child scarf down a plate of food so fast in all my life. His favorite thing in the whole world is fruit. He's starting to resist vegetables. The only way I could get him to eat his broccoli was to tell him it was Barney food! (Ps. Barney is his hero)

Sometimes all the stars align and something amazing happens- that you could never plan. This was one of those moments. A real life "mater" truck, passed by so close to our car that we could almost reach out and touch it.  I wish I could've captured the look on Judah's face, he was in sheer dumbfounded shock and amazement! I'm sure he was just waiting for Lightning McQueen to pull up next....

My sweet bro-in-law Firoze and Sister Julie brought us to ATL to celebrate his citizenship party (he's finally become a US citizen after 7 years on the waiting list)!  We even left the Cheerihn with my folks (for the first time ever leaving both kids over night).
Firoze's party was a costume party, everyone had to be from another county, except Firoze who dressed like a US Marine! Their friends have amazing dress up skills.

Check it out, here are a few of the guests....
my sister is the egyptian to the right
Guillermo was a Jibaro (Puerto Rican countryman)
The guest of honor.
My angels (my nephew) Devon.....
And my other adorable nephew, Dean. Check out those chubby thighs! Have you ever seen anything so adorable!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My poor lil Juju bear.....

Please pray for Judah, we've always been worried that he's had asthma since he was so sick in daycare for the first 16 months of his life (thank God after that he has been much healthier and ever since the kids have been home, they've been unbelievably healthy). Anyways, he's had a cold and a fever, but today he was wheezing so hard he could hardly breathe and his chest was really hurting him. We took to urgent care and they gave him a steriod, motrin and a breathing treatment and now we have an inhaler with strict instructions to take him to the emergency room if it gets bad again.

Please pray this for us: please pray that he doesn't have asthma. Asthma runs strong in G's family and G has asthma too. Guillermo said the times he remembers having asthma attacks growing up were so scary. I can't even imagine.

Thanks friends!