Friday, July 30, 2010

Wizard of North Chazzzz

Shades are their "cool" uniform.

Happy birthday sweet Thomas & Ellison!!! Check out their awesome football field cookie cake!!

And now Merlin will try and move the juice box using his giant wizard brains!

Quinn looks like he has a sparkly gold side pony tail...

Now I'm fresh, dressed, like a million bucks, Threw on my white sox, with my all blue chucks

On a side note, Quinn decided one day last week that he hates airplane rides and to be held up high or gently tossed in the air! Crazy huh. No one can think of anything that prompted this new fear!

One of our fav spots in charleston is a little spot on Daniel Island my friend Beth showed me. It has a walking trail, a pier, a big grassy field, kids park with little sprinkler and a beach front. 

Nanner nanner

And this is the reason we put up with the wretched heat & humidity.....

Life is rough eh?

Bob Ross ain't got nothing on God.... look at that landscape!

Ok, this is my major personal acheivement... my friend's bachelorette party was last weekend and it was an "old fashioned bbq and creek float" and I floated in the creek for 2 hours!!!! That is my greatest fear in life! Seriously, I was so scared, you have no idea! Stick me in a pitch black house with a convicted murderer waiting to shoot me up and I probably have less anxiety than when I'm in that brown water. I think if a massive force wind came up and shoved me in the marsh grass I would've passed out into a coma. hahahah. I deserve a 4 foot trophy and a tiara for that acheivement!

I was too busy trying not to poop my pants out of fear, so I didn't even remember to bring my camera, but this is a painting of what the creek looked's so deceiving. Look how beautiful it appears all the meanwhile MONSTERS lurk under the water! Lol.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


This is my last week of my G.I.A.N.T budget creation (if I were a tax accountant, this week would be the week before April 15th). Anyways, I've found a new way to cut the budget. Do you think everyone will go for it?

Also, I hope everyone is liking my eccentric music playlist!! I've saved your ears from most of my favorite hip hop and rap and heavy stuff..... :)  Which brings me to one of my biggest gripes in pop culture. Why can't modern rap and hip hop be more benign and kid friendly? I mean, is it really cool to have a felony? To be packin and poppin cops and talk about hustlin'? News flash, chances are if you're a famous rap star, you're probably not still on the corner hustling. Rappers could be more like country singers. The lyrics could be about a tear in their 40 ounce and their wife leavin them for uncle fred who won the lotto. Or their dog Bessie who runs along behind the tractor. HA!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

There must be a storm trooper garbage man in North Charleston....

Seriously, Check it.
What is that you say??

Why it's the storm trooper garbage man's gun of course!

Oh, who am I kidding. I'm such a scavenger, if I were a garabage man girl, I'd probably need a uhaul camper top to store all of my free curbside loot!

God knows how in gray is right now so He painted the sky just for us. How cool is this. I love stormy summer weather!

Speaking of God sending us awesome things, we have the most incredible new nanny! She is a really strong Christian and it shows in all she does. She adores the boys and they love her so much. The moment she gets to the house in the morning, both boys beg for her to hold them. She has a teaching degree and it shows. She is so creative. Every day she thinks of fun things for them to do and she is teaching them spanish too. For the past 2 months we've taken a break from learning, but now we're back. We spent 8 weeks total on the six days of creation. If you are ever looking for ideas of what to do with your toddler, look no further than the creation story. The last few weeks were God created man & awesome healthy food in the Garden of Eden. We're also studying the letters of Judah's name and each individual number.

Speaking of healthy foods. Lately we haven't been able to afford much fruit or veggies, so this weekend I said we HAVE to hit up the flea market for some stuff. If you live in Charleston, you HAVE to go.  Now mind you, this is all home grown/locally grown, except for the bananas.
7 cucumbers $1
7 tomatoes $1
seedless watermelon $2
16 bananas $2
You can't beat dat with a stick. Well you could, but then all of your delicious food would be SMASHED.

I remember my Sociology professor in college saying that humans are the only "animals" without instincts. I remember disagreeing with him. I think little boys have instincts to know how to make car and gun noises before anyone shows them. I think little boys have an instinct to love balls, cars, trains and dinosaurs. Judah has finally hit the dinosaur stage. He begs me to tell him stories about motorcycles and dinosaurs all day long. The other night I told him this story: (brief version)
One night, after Christmas, Judah and Quinny had some Christmas money from their Bisa and they decided to hop on their motorcycles and drive to Toys R Us and buy whatever they wanted. Judah chose a giant T-rex and Quinn chose a train with a train track.
Here is where Judah is compelled to interject into my story. (with eyes as big as saucers)
Ummm, yep. Actually I'm sure that's exactly  how it'd go down.

While Judah is now obsessed with dinosaurs, Quinn has fallen in love with a much more domesticated animal. Horses. He carries around his horses, or a horse and a dinosaur and makes the horses roar really loud (imitating Judah and his dinosaurs). I hate to burst his bubble one day that a fight between a velociraptor and a beautiful stallion with a fluffy white mane and an english riding sadle, the velociraptor will probably win. But a little boy can imagine Right?

Thursday, July 15, 2010's gettin hot in herrre...

Remember about our electrical problem, well this is our knight in shining armor that came to turn off the electricity so my dear hubby and our amazing friend Kyle didn't electrocute themselves.... the kids were so impressed with the truck. I would be this excited if a free ice cream truck was outside our house.
We were without power for four hours on a day that was approximately 189 degrees. That was incredible, lemme tell you.  The SCE&G just so happened to come at the exact time I was dying my hair, so I couldn't even take the boys to leave to get away from the heat until after that was done and by the time I could rinse it out, change and leave, we were all nasty anyways. Thank God for A/C! I never take that for granted!  
The pant-less wonders.
Mother, donde esta mi pantalones?

Fun with our Q's.
Now THAT is a lot of boys! Elizabeth & I are outnumbered!
Auntie E just scored mega cool points with the boys when she let them lick the brownie bowl! (not that she needed more cool points with the boys)..........

Judah and his cuz, Gavin. What love....
Gavin's toe ring was SO impressive. I think it's real ruby!
Quinn is my animal lover. He was obsessed with the animals all night long. The Q's have 3 dogs and 1 cat, and even the neighbor dog came over to say hi- Quinny was in domesticated animal heaven.

Ok, so either I'm a lunatic or a genius. I'm not sure which, I'm leaning towards lunatic.  I decided to move both boys in the same room together and make Judah's room a play room. I wanted to do this after Quinn turned two. Since he's 18 months, I figured, why not now? What difference will a few months make? So, I researched a bunch of sites to see people's opinions and experience in moving kids in the same room. Most comments were very positive, so I figured why not?
The new playroom. I'll be tweaking it as I go (aka, when I have some money), but this is the initial stages. And I have a toy-free living room, the boys have a 3 potential areas now to play during the day between the kitchen, their playroom and the living room and i finally was able to set up their "craft" area with their little table and chairs that have been sitting in our shed for 2 years....
If the kids wake each other up too often after a few weeks, we'll separate them, but it's worth a shot! I think Guillermo and I will just sleep on an air mattress and turn our room into a game room.... I'm thinking indoor hockey area, indoor basketball goal, basically a big empty room where we can get our baller on. Seriously, if G saw this, he'd be like YES!! Let's do it right now.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night....

My sweet cat, Lewie went from being a normal cat, to hiding, not drinking, not eating, and being so lethargic all in about a week and a half. All weekend he refused to eat or come out from under the couch. Sunday night he slept on my pillow for the last time and monday morning he gave me kisses on my face for the last time as if saying "it's alright Mama, I'm at peace". Lewie was my perfect cat. I will miss him so much. I'll never forget what a cute little kitten he was and what a fun and independant cat he was, or how he'd slibber slobber all over your face when he showed you affection...I was blessed to have him in my life for 12 years.
R.I.P. Lewis Clifton

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Cutest Hip Hopper You Will EVER See!

Being patriotic makes me weepy like a girl.

I looooove the fourth of July because being patriotic makes me very emotional. I'm not sure why, since I'm not a crying sort of girl, but even whenever I hear the national anthem, I get choked up.. or when I see videos of soilders reuniting with their families, but I digress. Words cannot even describe how grateful I am to be born in this country and have my kids be born in this country and I never want to take the cost of freedom for granted! And I think that everyone that is in or was in our military is a hero and I cannot thank them enough for their service to this nation.

So, in honor of this wonderful holiday, we tried to do fun stuff that didn't cost any money! We made our own American decorations! Don't be jealous of our art skeelz.

Or our body art skills...
What what!
And my lil' July 4th display, which I was so proud. I love decorating for the holidays, and yes I am going to be that mom....

And had lots of fun meals outside on the back porch. It's so nice to be outside when I'm not sweating like a *heathen* in church....
Practising swimming (not sure how safe it is that Judah keeps swimming with his eyes open in a pool where I'm sure Quinn has peed 18 times)....
The whole fam got into the baking action. We even made truffle brownies (if you need brand new 7 lbs of cellulite on each thigh, make and eat a whole batch of truffle brownies- darn you Alton Brown!)
Us walking the bridge trying to wage war against brand new (and old) lbs of chubby chubb...
Special dances at the park with Daddy....
A little bit too much dancing at the park with Daddy (doesn't he look so cute and little little here)!
And my big boy who has conquered his fear of the swinging wooden bridges was now running around them like they were his little track...
And the sad monkey when it was time to leave the park....if looks could talk this one would say "Mooooooommmaaaaa, please, just a few more minutes"
A FAMILY PHOTO WHERE EVERYONE IS LOOKING AT THE CAMERA! Must be July 4th magic! Well, real magic would've been if the boys were smiling...
Dancing at the Green with Papa...
Getting some smooches from Mimi....
Hanging out til the show began.....
I was very pleasantly suprised that Goose Creek had an amazing, organized and fun fireworks display and event! What a great long weekend and a great holiday! Hope yours was awesome too! I'm not sure I've heard of too many bad 4th of July stories (except maybe the one where our family boat sunk with us in it, in the Charleston Harbor on the 4th- and even that day wasn't that bad)....

One last note, what a God thing:
One night this weekend, our plans fell thru with some friends to hang out, so in an impromptu invite, we asked our neighbor over to dinner. Because he lives across the street, I happened to ask him if he had problems with his lights flickering and going dim lately (as it's happened at our house).. and he said no, but he knew exactly the problem, since it had recently happened at his mother's house. He said not only did the problem cause two of her major appliances to die, but it was a major fire hazard! SCE&G agreed and came out that night, at midnight to check out our house and advised us what we had to do to fix our meter asap. Regardless to say, since we don't have money to fix an electrical problem right now, neither G nor I would've mentioned the problem to anyone other than a neighbor- in small talk over dinner, just to sure it wasn't a street wide issue. We would've just sucked it up and dealt with it. Like the haunted mansion or something! Just one more way God is watching over us!