Friday, February 26, 2010

Dude, I'm old.

So at the park the other day, I took the boys on the tire swing. Just like when I was younger, I twisted it up as much as it'd go and it spun and spun and spun and the kids loved it and they begged for more, so we did more and after about 5 minutes of spinning and swinging, I started to get a headache, then my stomach started hurting. And I sulked the whole way home cause that officially means I'm old. What's next? Mom jeans with the waist 7 inches above your belly button? So help me....

 To be young again, where the swing doesn't make you want to die.

Now that's a cute daddy.

You'd thought Judah was cliff hanging and stuck on the edge of the cliff at near death the way he was screaming and carrying on cause he was scared to walk to the next step....

Now the fat boy on the other hand ain't scurred of nothin!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is going to be me at work tomorrow.......

a zombie.
we finally have internet at home (yay) and i stayed up waaaaaaaaay past my bedtime making new blog title pics and surfing the net.

zombies out there in zombie land- if you're a praying zombie, such as myself, please pray for my sister Julie who is due to have a bebe in 1 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pray bebe Dean is healthy and a great delivery- that she'll be one of those girls that's like, yea, i went into labor and 2 hours later i sneezed and the baby shot right out and a week after that i had my washboard abs back (stupid girls- you probably smell like rotten garbage- you and your stupid six pack).

Monday, February 22, 2010

#3- Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too

I looove this cool old school pic that Kat got on her phone of Quinn..... doesn't he look like a little b-boy?

This past week was gumdrops & raindrops!
On gumdrop day, they got to watch and sing the gumdrop song and of course eat gumdrops....

And on raindrop day Judah got to put together a picture of clouds, "R" and lightning bolts, and paint fingerpaint "rain drops" on the picture, make a "rain stick" using a coffee can and beans (ya know, the hard kind- not like smooshy baked beans rolling around the can) and throw all of his ball pit balls into an open umbrella and then turn the umbrella upside down and watch it "Rain"!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Magnum PI got nuttin on us!

Ole! It's Gavin's 13th Mexican b-day party. We love you Gavin!!!! Yo Quiero tu sombrero de dulce! 
Mustaches make us very serious.

And Quinny very mad, "settle down hitler".

Yay. Happy again with his girl- Auntie E.

Uh oh, another angry mustache. Hopefully Auntie E has room in her arms for one more.

Mustache: ALL the cool kids have them!


Drum roll please! Cutest little boys in the world: Judah & Quinny! (think I'm a little biased) ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't eat the yellow snow......

So, no doubt, every mama with a blog in charleston is posting pics of her kids and their snowmen from the weekend, but how can you not share the love- it truly was a weather miracle! I grew up in MI, so I guess I can't fully appreciate how awesome it is to see snow for the first time, but to the my Boricua hubby, bear man and Lee Lee Low (Judah's new nick name for Quinn)- they thought it was the right up there with mini colored marshmallows awesomeness!!
Aren't my parents the cutest peeps ever!!! It was so sweet to see my Dad help Judah roll out a dwarf snowman when the snow just started to fall Friday night.
Awwww, look at his chocolatey delicious eyes! That Judah ate when no one was looking.

Thank goodness G had a giant waterproof jacket. Unfortunately I outgrew my cute ski clothes 2 bebes and 800 lbs ago. Bellay, go away. Moving on, I have to say, thank God for the hand me down ski suit from our VA friends for Quinn! He was roly poly man, falling face first into the snow, so thankfully the suit kept him dry.

South Cack-a-lack snow boots. yee haw y'all.

Awww, the boys and their cute little snowman... wait a minute.....

That's not a cute little snow man! That's what horror movies are made of. "..... it was a dark scary valentine's weekend when the rosey eyed, dagger toothed snowman came alive to murrrrrder the family that lovingly rolled him up on their front lawn".

That kid has a wicked curve snowball.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

#2- Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too

It's toothache week! Judah picked out pictures of smiles and teeth from a magazine and made a little collage and got to paste teeth and toothbrushes and a "T" to another collage. He got to watch a video about taking care of your teeth online and then brushed and flossed his teeth! Which after he flossed his teeth, he promptly stuck the flosser into Kat's mouth to floss her teeth. Now I don't know about you- but that's true love. We love you too Miss Kat.

Some of his little projects, so you can get the idea- if you're a visual person- like me.
Healthy foods and fruit!
For the 2nd activity, the boys get to taste a fruit, color a picture of the fruit and make playdoh fruit!
Valentine's Day!
First, Judah got to make valentine's day cards, then he gets to make heart garland, maybe even some paint projects, then the boys get to have a valentine's day party, with snacks they get to help make and then lots of red balloons to play with!

If you are looking for a great website for your toddler and ideas for activities, my friend sent me an awesome one!

Life according to Judah- the other day, while driving down the interstate,  my Mom and I were talking about Jesus being up in the clouds to Judah and he said so seriously, NO MAMA! Jesus is behind the trees!!!!!! My Mom and I just burst out laughing. Yep, my Bad, actually- he's EVERYwhere!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Rain Drops on Roses, and Whiskers on Kittens......

These are a few of my favorite things~ and they all happened to happen in a week span! Unfortunately, Gmo is MIA from a lot of the pics cause as a full time student now, he's studying non-stop! I'm so proud of him, but we miss him being with us everywhere we go at night and on the weekend. Pray for Him to do awesome in school!! K- back to the fav's: 1. Playdates with rad friends like the Nibbys (how cute are Olivia and Juju?)
2. My Quinn- the man of many nicknames: Quinny, Bunny, Bunny Bunn,  tookie toonkie, ting ting, fat boy, Quinny poo poo, BubbaQ, Barbecue, Barney, Chumba Wumba, Cheembo, Teembo, CheembaBeemba, CheembaWimbee, ooky dookie. I promise it sounds like I am just making up the most insane names I can think of- but he is called all of these names on a regular basis. It's Guillermo- maybe many insane nick names is a Puerto Rican thing? Lol. 

3. Funny Quinn: Quinn's been doing the stanky leg all the time, picking up one foot and stomping it and finally Kat told me what he was doing, trying to imitate Judah in his new light up shoes (Lightning McQueen shoes he got from his Tio & Miss Kat- his new favorite thing, every morning I hear him wake up and immediately go get them to make them light up by slamming on the floor). Poor Quinny- his Robeez don't light up! Which brings me to another topic, his feet are too fat for all of Judah's hand me down shoes. Do you think he'll be wearing robeez until he's a teenager? Do they make them in men's sizes? lol.
4. Pillow/Dance parties.

5. Brotherly love! (this is the only picture where Judah wasn't putting Quinn in a neck lock btw)
6. Girl's Night Out- Ice skating night, even tho a lot of the girls pooped out and couldn't come, we still had an awesome time. We practised our triple lutz tow-cow triple dips.
7. Funny Judah! Practising his silly faces and rooting for "his" team while watching the Superbowl.
8. No- monster trucks are not one of my favs, BUT seeing my kids have so much fun is one! My Dad took Judah to the monster truck rally. Judah was AMAZED and has been talking about it all day, every day since then! He let me cut his hair into a mohawk to look like "monster truck man"- so now I'd better find a monster truck driver with a mohawk.
Here is another picture of Quinn on the playdate, stupid blogger- I couldn't get it to move it back to the top!
The day I can master all of this formatting will be the day they change it again.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the top Dogg of them all?

Rain rain, go away! We've gots to play!
Big hair harry. What to do, what to do? I think I will have him grow it out and do the side braids like snoop. Judah-D-oh-double G.
Happy birthday to my sweet friend!!! Yay lemon drop cupcakes!
Can I just say- seeing my sweet boosie boo and his lil' cuz Jackson do these incredible silly faces makes me more proud than if Judah came up to me and said, Mother- did know that pie is an infinite number and oddly enough, the pie I just baked you is delicious to the infinite/nth power.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too

So, my one and two year old can't read, so it's not a diss to their learning skeelz- it's a line from one of my favorite movies- Zoolander! One of the "perks" of daycare (in my opinion) was that Judah was learning a curriculum and had little activites and parties every month. Miss Mary-Kat- Poppins and I are starting this for Judah (and Quinn as he gets older) again while under her care.  He'll do planned learning activities two times a week, sort of like a 2 day a week preschool program. Still- the majority of their day is free play, good eats, sitting on the potty and naps- but if you're like me and would like to mix in some new and so fresh and so clean clean clean to your toddlers life, I'm going to start posting his toddler learning and craft activites! I loooooove reading other peeps ideas for kid-fun-crafts-food and have a big notebook at home to use on a rainy day, so maybe you'll like the suggestions- and maybe you'll leave me some comments of other ideas- which I'd LOVE. Either way, if you only check the blog to read about my love of Lil' Boosie and Lost- sorry- don't ussually post about fantastic stuff like that- only about amazing kids. PS. This ain't rocket science or anything glamorous, just small activites Kat & I think of for lil' people with stuff I have around the house.

F is for Fish!
-I cut out scrapbook paper fish, sharks, seaweed, waves and "F" for Judah to glue and make a purty picture
-The kids got to read Finding Nemo, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and Limu- the underwater turtle.
-I got my biggest bowl out and Judah got to count the number of fish (his fishy bath toys) as he dropped them in and took them back out and he & Quinn got to play with fish in the water.
-I mixed up the alphabet letters on the fridge and Judah got to find the Fs

Kat thought a great idea to follow the calendar days as ideas for activites, which I think is really fun and will always give you great ideas, so this week it's.....

Groundhog and puppet week!
-making puppets that can "pop" out of a hole using a posicle stick and dixie cup
-making a brown paper bag groundhog puppet
-making shadow puppets
-practise tracing a letter G and finding a letter G magnet

*This isn't our actual puppet, but you get the idea! It looks like a little brown turd coming out of a cup- how cute is that! hahaha.