Friday, December 10, 2010

Yo Ho Ho Ho, a Santa's Life for Me!

Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas. It really doesn't get any better than this.

My City (City of Hanahan), I should call it Christmas land- it makes me so uber happy- had it's tree lighting and a Christmas parade. They were so fun!

Our good friend Scott came with us, the best part was when he sang an impromptu Christmas Solo "I want a hippopotomous for christmas" (worst christmas song ever, btw- sorry Guillermo and Elizabeth).... and then he did interpretive dance during the Hanahan Middle School performance. What a fun guy. And I'm so kidding, he did none of these things in case you couldn't tell it was a joke.

Look who attended the Christmas Tree Lighting! Judah was SO concerned that his sleigh was too small (one of the light up lawn ornaments outside)...

Doesn't it look like the life size Santa is pushing their stroller? I should put life size Santa at my desk and pretend like he's working!
Here is the montage of Christmas wonderland in my building, it really can't get much better than this, well if they had freshed baked christmas cookies and music streaming thru speakers all day, that would be nice. ;)

My little charlie brown tree looks pathetic compared to the City's display. I was the ONLY one at CPD who had their own tree, here there is Christmas everywhere (more proof I'm at the right place).

And this was my favorite entry into the Christmas Parade!  Yo Ho Ho!

No Christmas Season wouldn't be complete without the Judson's Christmas party. The boys literally zoomed cars around the coffee table for hours. 
Our peeps, the Judsons..  
and more Judsons.. such friends that are like family 

Ok, so this outhouse was an incredible gift from my friend Gale....
You press the button and Santa sings and says things like "you'd better pass me a new roll, or I'll be forced to use my good list" and then he passes gas and the whole thing lights up and moves.  It's like the hit of the season. Well this "Santa" is really teaching the boys what Santa does. Judah thinks he lives in there and when he was playing at Chick Fil A one day he told the other kid "hey, remember when santa was in out bathroom pooting?" (the other parent probably thought we were INSANE for blaming that on "Santa") and then the other day we were in a store and Quinn saw Santa and started yelling "Santa poots..... Santa poots" at the top of his lungs!

I know it's a little late, but if you need Toddler activity ideas for Thanksgiving for next year, here are a few fun craft ideas the boys did..... 

And starting our Christmas decorations.....

Have a GREAT weekend!


Jackie Miller said...

How about that Porta-potty Santa?!!! So funny! And I think Santa would be a nice fill-in for you if you need to take a day off work and do some Christmas shopping! Seems like a helpful guy...

Home school Mom said...

ha ha...that outhouse is really funny and I love the boys conversation! :)
Love all the Christmas trees and festivities going on! What fun! ;) Now all you need is a little snow! We've got plenty up here! Yikes! Like more than a foot all at once! Nice and white outside. ;)

Merry Christmas!

Julie said...

I like your new header - the reindeer is so cute and vintage!