Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Birthday my Lil Christmas Bunny and Happy Anniversary to the Best Man I Know!

I can't even describe the bond I have with my little Quinn.  I remember how magical and beautiful it was when he was born, the second time around I made sure to slow down and enjoy every moment. We snuggled every single day for months and he'll still slow down for a snuggle and he still looks up at me with those same sweet adoring eyes two years later. He's my little mama's boy, but he's 110% rough and tumble boy. He is a total clown and loves to be dramatic. He laughs all the time and is a total and complete joy to our family.

Quinn is obsessed with horses, so he had a cowboy themed party. Yee-haw!

I made a cowboys in the "snow" cake with a marshmallow layer in between chocolate fudge cake and whipped cream topping. By the time we ate the cake it had totally fallen apart like it was melted. Oh well!

Quinn love his posse! Thank you for making his birthday so special!
Like all good cowboys, we had a campfire.

Quinn's birthday is December 15th and our anniversary is the 16th... makes for a BUSY but FUN week!
Seriously, Guillermo is the BEST person I know. He is so hard working and the most loving human being EVER. I love you SO much babe.  5 years together! Woot woot.

And this is our annual anniversary outing, to the James Island County lights (where our reception was)... each year, we take pics in front of the tree to see how our family has grown!

And then our work Christmas party on Dec 17th! My coworkers really know how to do Christmas right. What a great party. I am so blessed by my new coworkers.
The Mayor, Minnie Blackwell.

My boss (the City Administrator) and his wife: Johnny and Terri Cribb.
Two of my favorite peeps at work: Linda (HR Director) and Gale (Clerk of Court).

I just cannot believe how GOOD God is to our family.

I quite often wonder, am I instilling in my kids the same passion and love I had when I was very young for Jesus? That is something you can't force/teach, you can only show and talk about Jesus often and steer them towards their own personal relationship with Christ. When we driving home (late) from the lights at JI Co. park Judah said, "Mama! We HAVE to stop and get baby Jesus a birthday present!" with such conviction. So we stopped at Marshall's at 10:30pm and Judah got to pick out baby Jesus a birthday present, and instead of talking about his own gifts, he just wants to talk about the gift for baby Jesus.  That was the best gift for a Mama and Daddy ever.

Have the BEST Christmas ever!!!

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Robinson Family said...

For someone that doesn't enjoy cooking you sure do know how to make a beautiful birthday cake! AND you know how to party. Looks like you all had a great Christmas! And is Judah TWO now? LOVE the pics of him all Sharked out. A buddy here LOVES sharks and can be found holding one at any moment. His Nana calls him Sharky.