Sunday, October 31, 2010


October rocks. What a great month. I normally hate a ton of plans, because it stresses me out and makes me think I'll miss out on quality time with the kids, but October plans, I L.O.V.E.
Halloween and fall parties. Love em. And dressing up. Ask ya mama- I looove to dress up and love to dress my kids up.
We were the red neck family.

Tio was a werewolf, thankfully he took his mask off so Quinn & Judah knew not to be afraid of the big bad wolf.

Now THIS is redneck, Highlife & sippy cups. Yeedawg. John was a rescued Chilean miner.

Judah's unbrushed green teefus!

Justin was the color purple.

Masie, the good witch.

Ryan was Donnie Darko

And then for Halloween.... we took the kids to a neighborhood I had to patrol for 2 years on a row. It's straight out of an Americana storybook of the perfect place to trick or treat and the kids got TONS of the best candy. (I need to hide it from myself). I always said I'd take my future kids there when they were old enough and so tonight was the boys first time at trick or treating.. which they loved.

Guess who they were?

Excellent! Shwinnnngggggg!

Here we were trying to recreate the scene of them in the car singing/listening to Bohemian Rhapsody and the darn Queen's Greatest Hits cd I have doesn't have that song! Can you believe it. I couldn't find the rest of my cds, so this song will have to do.

Judah: No Way!   Quinn: Way!

 I was supposed to be the crazy dude in their back seat, with the crazy hair... but I don't think anyone got it and I just looked like I had insane hair.. (it looked like a rat's nest on the side, which you can't see in this picture).
They look a little creeped out in this picture....

One house had this teenage boy that sat under a white sheet and when the (older) kids got candy he'd scream at them, well he was just making funny noises for Judah & Quinn (to not scare them too bad).. Quinn kept saying "no ghost" yelling at him and both were stunned. Look at Judah's face! (and Quinn's face two pictures below- crazy blogger)

Twins! (watching the Steelers game)

Judah was so proud that he could rock on with his hand like Wayne's, he rode the whole ride from north charleston to downtown with his hand like this!

This is the look of what the heck!

And of course, no october would be complete without the FAIR!
The fair is the Quinton and our food marathon, it takes months of training to eat that much fried food let me tell you....

Judah of course wanted to play every single game... (and of course that wasn't possible).. it was like the tragedy of all tragedies for a 3 year old!

This was Quinn's one and only ride, since he was too small for the majority of the rides, but he was in HEAVEN.  He was talking about train all the way home.

You know you had a good day when you're smiling and half asleep!

Judah is sooo much like me, absolutely fearless when it comes to rides, the higher and scarier, the more he smiled and loved it! I never thought I'd get to a point in my life that watching another person riding all the rides and being the mama waiting on the sidelines would be as much fun as riding the rides..... now I know how my parents felt as they stood by for hours and watched us girls ride every ride known to man!
YAY October! See ya next year!


Mrs Woo said...

What fun! Wayne & Garth AH-MAZING! So good! What cool little dudes they are!

Julie said...

Oh my gosh - those pics of Quinn are hilarious! I can't even believe he kept those glasses on all night!! He really rocked his costume. Of course Judah would learn how to make the "rock sign" with his hands - too funny. Lucky you guys - I want to eat elephant ears at a fair!

Home school Mom said...

awww.....I love their halloween costumes. Good job, Mama! Those are so cute and creative! :) October already gone? ugh! 10 days into November now....that's crazy. So I'm a little behind on my comment, but I still love the halloween garb. We love halloween and have fun dressing up! So much fun for kids and family! Lots of memories will be made....:D
On to.....TURKEY MONTH!!