Friday, October 22, 2010

Even though it's still 89 degrees, we'll pretend it's fall!

So maybe it's not technically 89 degrees everyday, but it's TOO freaking hot for me! I want brisk cool air, the smell of AUTUMN in the air, sweaters, tights, fires, endless blue skies, cider mills, apple orchards, fresh donuts- only like they can make them at a cider mill..... if you've ever spent a fall in Michigan - you know what I'm sayin'...... so to try and create fall despite the weather- we've done just about every fall thing you can do!

My little pumpkins holding their pumpkins....

Judah went from calling his homie Jackson "my best friend" and now it's his "brother, Jackson".. I'm not sure if he means that in a blood relation or a Amish way, or in the brotha way? Either way, it's his buddy.

Wannamaker park staff that decided to make a huge steal drum to throw rocks, genuis sir, pure genius.

And back home for jack-o-lantern cookies!

Guillermo & I both went to Wando. Every year we make it to at least one game. I barely watch the field, I'm usually the fat kid dork whose sitting there wondering: 1. What time it is and if it's time to go get concession food.  2. How many trumpet and flugelhorn players there are.  3. If I am doing my tomahawk chop too fast.  4. Why all the high school kids look like middle schoolers and did I look (and sound and act) that young when I was at Wando. 4. And think, can I make a run for food and make it back to hear the band in time.

Ok, ok, Guillermo and I are both huge band dorks, BUT band was one of the best times of my life. There is nothing like the feeling of being a small cog in a huge wheel doing something amazing like create awesome music. But I digress, Wando band is now AWESOME & HUGE. They won 5 state championships in a row. Go Warriors (I guess the football players too). ;)

Yay blue airheads.

Unlike his mama, Judah kept saying, "I don't like the band, I like the football"

I had to post this pic, don't they look like the burn out kids who were caught smoking behind the school!

I'm really loving my City of Hanahan (where I work, not live), they have SO much City pride. They have tons of festivals and events. We went to their fall festival, which had an awesome hayride to this part of the complex. For those of you who do not know- this is the Goose Creek Resevoir. They estimate there are between 350 and 550 alligators in this body of water. And one of my good friends goes fishing in there on a regular basis! What!

See, now this is my kind of fishing......

For my family's annual pumpkin carving night, my Mom pulled out her amazing costume collection for the boys....

It's Lukie the kidd...

It's Captain Judah Sparrow


Pumpkin surgery: Nurse, scapel!

Poor little Jackson was sick that night, but we were so happy Aunt Beth & Luke could come!

More pumpkin surgery. That one was getting a face lift...

It's Quinn the old salt....

Say hello to my little friends!


Jackie Miller said...

After seeing your pumpkins, I know not to post mine. Incredible!!!

Home school Mom said...

Awww....I like your little pumpkins that your little 'punkins' picked out! How cute are they? (your boys:)
Your pumpkin carving is amazing! Can you come do ours for us? Mine will not look like yours!
Happy Fall! Blowing some cooler air and leaves your way!! :D