Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthdays, a Giant Boy & the Haunted Forest

It's super exciting that Guillermo's cousin and her family moved to Cola town, so we went and celebrated her son, G's 2nd cousin, Christian's 2nd birthday. Look at this awesome cake that they made!! Talent!

The party was at Edventure, it's like Charleston's Children's Museum times 4. It's so huge & awesome. You can go inside this giant boy and see his different body parts. Every fifteen minutes, he passed gas and if you were standing on the stair case it'd literally blow you down the stairs. (well maybe I just imagined that)

Judah and the birthday boy! Look at that little cutie Christian!

Judah is not sure whether he loves the fireman's pole, or hates it.

Look ma! No hands!

Guillermo was so proud that in the grocery store, the boys made a bee line to the pretend meat.....

Now that's a big ol' boy.

Cousins! Look at how adorable Gabriella is putting her hand on Quinn's leg!

Cutest. Little. Girl.

We even got to see Guillermo's Abuela (Grandma), Titi Gloria (Aunt) and Titi Daisy (Aunt) and Tio Jorge (Uncle)

And Happy birthday to Rebecca, my sis!

And happy birthday Dante! We love you guys!
So have ya been to Gahagan park? It is so cool. It's like a fortress. I always think of Robinhood when I'm there. I bust out my Bryan Adams "Everything I do, I do it for you" and I yell "I'm Maid Marian" at the top of my lungs. Just kidding. But we did have fun despite not singing in public.....

Ok, tell me what you think. Most of you that read this blog know, I'm a born again Christian and I very much believe the spiritual realm is real and active.  But as far as things called "spirit orbs" I'm just not sure, sounds crazy and "new age" mumbo jumbo to me, but that is what the round things in this picture is called. They definitely don't scare me, cause I know my God is greater than anything else out there, but these things are in tons of pictures in my living room and look at all of them in this picture of the park! Crazy huh! Like I said, this doesn't scare me in the least bit, but do you think there is anything to it? Is it reflected dust or light particles?  What up wit dat?


Felicia Woodhouse said...

everyone in this post is too cute, including Rebecca!!! Happy Birthday Rebecca!
p.s. I am going to eat lil Gabriella with a spoon! Those curls!

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

Felicia, I think Gabriella looks like you as a baby! :)

Home school Mom said...

I LOVE that cake! How beautiful and it looks tasty too! YUM! I love 'the cousins' SWEET! Cousins are so special and that little girl is a DOLL! ;) Looks like LOTS of fun!!