Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We are the world, make it a cheddah place....

Or would that be chettah? I don't know, but I know more cheddah is good.

So, what is also good is my 3 year old can vacuum my house! And he does it right, without knocking furniture and getting every corner and he WANTS to do it! I think this is right up there with the blind man seeing again. Ok, so maybe not that spectacular, but still amazing. We'll see how long this lasts. ;)
Can you see his bib "FEED ME"? It is SO Quinn. I have never seen a child scarf down a plate of food so fast in all my life. His favorite thing in the whole world is fruit. He's starting to resist vegetables. The only way I could get him to eat his broccoli was to tell him it was Barney food! (Ps. Barney is his hero)

Sometimes all the stars align and something amazing happens- that you could never plan. This was one of those moments. A real life "mater" truck, passed by so close to our car that we could almost reach out and touch it.  I wish I could've captured the look on Judah's face, he was in sheer dumbfounded shock and amazement! I'm sure he was just waiting for Lightning McQueen to pull up next....

My sweet bro-in-law Firoze and Sister Julie brought us to ATL to celebrate his citizenship party (he's finally become a US citizen after 7 years on the waiting list)!  We even left the Cheerihn with my folks (for the first time ever leaving both kids over night).
Firoze's party was a costume party, everyone had to be from another county, except Firoze who dressed like a US Marine! Their friends have amazing dress up skills.

Check it out, here are a few of the guests....
my sister is the egyptian to the right
Guillermo was a Jibaro (Puerto Rican countryman)
The guest of honor.
My angels (my nephew) Devon.....
And my other adorable nephew, Dean. Check out those chubby thighs! Have you ever seen anything so adorable!


Felicia Woodhouse said...

Congrats Firoze & Julie! Immigration stinks!
HOw handsome is Devon?! You Sherman girls make some pretty babes! I love Dean's outfit too! Is it a mini Elvis jumpsuit? Awesome.

How is Judah's breathing & stuff?

Home school Mom said...

You guys always have waaaay too much fun over there! I love all the costumes and the chubby, chubby legs! :) It sure looks cute when you're his age....not so much when you're my age! hee hee! :D
Have a good one sista!