Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My poor lil Juju bear.....

Please pray for Judah, we've always been worried that he's had asthma since he was so sick in daycare for the first 16 months of his life (thank God after that he has been much healthier and ever since the kids have been home, they've been unbelievably healthy). Anyways, he's had a cold and a fever, but today he was wheezing so hard he could hardly breathe and his chest was really hurting him. We took to urgent care and they gave him a steriod, motrin and a breathing treatment and now we have an inhaler with strict instructions to take him to the emergency room if it gets bad again.

Please pray this for us: please pray that he doesn't have asthma. Asthma runs strong in G's family and G has asthma too. Guillermo said the times he remembers having asthma attacks growing up were so scary. I can't even imagine.

Thanks friends!


The Tylers said...

Poor baby! I remember having those attacks too & it is good that G has been there done that so that he can better understand...having said that, we are praying against it! hang in there. PS proud of your new job! way to go court!!!!

Home school Mom said...

Oh MY! Prayers are lifted up for him! Man, that's got to be scary for you all and Judah. Poor guy. I remember when our oldest got sick all the time when he was little and always had to have breathing treatments. It always scared us, but we got really good at giving them and noticing when he needed them. We'll be praying for him.
Have a great weekend!!

Robinson Family said...

I can read about your life again! It's a miracle! :o)

HATE that for Judah. I am sure you were petrified. I'll be praying.