Saturday, September 18, 2010

I have been here for over 1 billion seconds!!

It's my 32nd bday homies! I've been here for 1,009,821,632 seconds. That is so crazy! I wish my seconds equaled dollar bills, like Bill Gates! ;)

For part of the fun, we went and ate with Q's at Olive Garden, for the never ending pasta bowl. Woot woot!

Gavin is the pasta monster!

Food coma.

Gimme Moe!

Dang it, my stink eye always ruins the picture!

Life is so unfair, my never ending pasta went straight to my legs. James' all went to his bicep!

And this week we partied with Evelina, Hector and Dante, who happened to have a bday the same day as me!

Happy bday my sweet pea!

Cake vs. Dante! Dante 1 Cake ZERO.

The world's biggest brownie sundae EVER. Go get 'em Tiger.

Gimme Moe! (do you see a trend here?)

Slumber party time!

What great days.


Felicia Woodhouse said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Quinn is such a little man now!
Hope you were spoilt for your day!

Home school Mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Sorry I'm a little late on that. ;) Hope you had a GREAT day though and have an even better year ahead!! ;)

I LOVE Olive Garden! Great choice!! :D I gain 10 lb just walking into that place. Carbs everywhere!! :D

Have a FUN day!!