Monday, September 27, 2010

Da da da da da da da daaaaaa Baaaat-MAN.

Sometimes you find something AMAZING, that you know will make your kids jump up and down for joy and shout "this is what I've wanted MY WHOLE LIFE!" and play with it for hours....
And instead, find out that the batman costume actually made one of them cry to get it off.......

And the other one concerned that it was too small......

Look at the irritated look on Quinn's face about his new bat-am (as he calls it) arms with wings on the cuffs.......

Hey, at least it was only $0.50........ and here I thought it'd make their YEAR!

And if anyone wondered if the lil' super heros were still learning crap (haha). I'm happy to announce: yes, they are.  
It's natural disaster time! (we figured rainbows and lollipops could wait until next week, cause this week it's the wrath of NATURE. da-duh-dunnnnn)

Tidal waves. Oh, and earth quakes, where they built giant buildings out of blocks and then they got to earth quake them down....

And our beloved.... FALL. Please, oh please come to Charleston, you blessed, blessed, Fall!

Quinn sees the world thru rose colored lenses.

Look at my big ol' boy!!

Twist again, like you did last summer....
We're trying to teach Quinn his colors, so I figured we'd get out twister! I had this fear with Judah too, that he was colored blind, since my Dad is fully colored blind and my Uncles are both partially colored blind (colored blindness is passed thru the mom's Dad to her boys)..... I'm not sure if Quinn just doesn't get the idea of different colors, or he's not seeing them. But hey- that'd make twister easy to play.. if all the circles looked like whatever color you wanted them to be. Lol. Just kidding, I know colored blind people can see colors by their different shades of gray. I remember as kids, we'd watch a ton of black and white movies and ask my Dad to tell us what color dresses they were wearing.


Jackie Miller said...

3 things.

- I LOVE Quinn's hair! (Is Quinn one N or two?)
- You have such great ideas for learning activities! We get so boring over here and I KNOW the girls are like, "Mom, get a life. We did this yesterday."
- Batman! I found so many cute Halloween costumes at the Salvation Army the other day that are perfect for dress up! Can't believe Batman was only $.50! Way to go!

Love you!

Home school Mom said...

Your little boys are so cute! :) Love Quinn's hair! I love the art projects and especially the fall leaf/tree. So cool....I might have to steal that one! ;))
We have such beautiful colors this week! It's PEAK week here for our trees and they are gorgeous. To top off the beautiful trees/'s going to be sunny and mid 60's all week long! Yah! :D Great week to visit up north Michigan!
Love this time of year!!