Sunday, August 29, 2010

We're Baaaaaaack......

Yo blog world! Feeling neglected? So sorry. Life at the Soler house has been insane in the membrane. I've thrown a major garage sale, celebrated some precious peeps bdays, had a minor house repair, gone to a job interview and got the job all in the last three weeks. I know there is more, I'm just forgetting! Anyways, most of the peeps that read the blog know about the new job, but for anyone who doesn't, it's such a God thing.  I was interested in enhancing my career and this perfect opportunity came along, for a Finance Director for the City of Hanahan. I got the job and I start September 13th. Everything about the new job is just perfect. Although I am going to dearly miss my sweet friends at CPD, I am eagerly waiting to start this new stage in life.

Late August thru October is birthday season in the Sherman family. And now I've added some great friends and in-laws to the mix too! My Dad (below), 2 of my closest CPD peeps: Dave and Scott, my sisters: Julie & Rebecca and sister in law Carla and my two nephews Devon & Dante... what amazing people to celebrate!
Judah's so helpful at blowing out other people's birthday candles!
And one of my favorite parts of visiting my parents, the boys get a bath before we go home, so as soon as we get home, it's story time and bedtime. Ahhhh.
BTW, here Quinn is saying gat,gat,gat,gat,gat. He is so thrilled with his vastly expanding vocabulary. So he says things about 100 times, just so we know he knows how to say it. He also has this amazing ability to not say the endings of most words: Ha Raa (hot rod), Cah (Car), Truh (truck), you get the idea. Oh yea, he calls elephants Elmos, and Miss Evelina Waawaa.

Judah has been going thru some, how should I put this, some trying times lately. Trying to us, trying to him. Anyways, there has been some major correction in our house lately, SO when he begged us to go to Chuck E Cheese we used this as incentive to continue to behave everyday. SO- he was good and got to go. Here he is giving G hugs and kisses in gratitude, he was SO excited to be there.
Seemed so much scarier when I was 4! Tick tock and ya don't stop!
Can you make this thing go any faster?

Judah never really got into Barney (or Boppy as Quinn calls him) like Quinn has (thank God for small favors) BUT Quinn is in LOVE. He's probably thinking: Boppy! It's really you!! *tear*

Everyone except Judah made their best crazy chuck e cheese face!! Judah still appears to be silently tormented by the animatronic chuck e cheese.

We went back to our special beach spot.... and realized that it was the lowest tide we had ever seen. It was good for the boys to see about 1,000 little crabs everywhere.

Poking at the crabs always seems like a great idea??

The driftwood here is unbelievable.

Dear Summer. Thank you for all the fun. If you don't mind leaving now, it's almost september and as fun as you were, I really like fall better. It's not you, it's me.

Somewhere down the line Quinn has decided to slide like he's riding a horse side saddle. And it's just very interesting to watch him.

And then the crazy sliding gets scary.....
Then we all got some monkey bar action. Judah's really good on the monkey bars! If you give him the illusion that you're helping him (even if you don't) he'll make it all the way across)! Makes a former cherry bomber-jungle gym-monkey bar climber mama proud!


Jackie Miller said...

I laughed out loud at the pictures of Quinn sliding side saddle! Wonder what is going on in his head.

Congrats on the job, the birthdays, Judah behaving... You've had an eventful August!

Glad you're back. We've missed you!!

Felicia Woodhouse said...

WOW! Congrats on the job! That's amazing & I'm sure an answer to a few prayers!
I have to say, my fave photo is the last one. G-Mo on the monkey bars. Classic. And at first I didn't realise those were sun glasses on his head I was wondering why Guillermo was wearing a shiny bow. He's pretty.

Home school Mom said...

You did have a lot going on! How'd the garage sale go? I'm contemplating having one in a couple weeks! Yikes! Those are a lot of work! Good for you! :)
Sounds like you're a busy Mama these days and enjoying all that life has to offer! You go girl!