Friday, July 30, 2010

Wizard of North Chazzzz

Shades are their "cool" uniform.

Happy birthday sweet Thomas & Ellison!!! Check out their awesome football field cookie cake!!

And now Merlin will try and move the juice box using his giant wizard brains!

Quinn looks like he has a sparkly gold side pony tail...

Now I'm fresh, dressed, like a million bucks, Threw on my white sox, with my all blue chucks

On a side note, Quinn decided one day last week that he hates airplane rides and to be held up high or gently tossed in the air! Crazy huh. No one can think of anything that prompted this new fear!

One of our fav spots in charleston is a little spot on Daniel Island my friend Beth showed me. It has a walking trail, a pier, a big grassy field, kids park with little sprinkler and a beach front. 

Nanner nanner

And this is the reason we put up with the wretched heat & humidity.....

Life is rough eh?

Bob Ross ain't got nothing on God.... look at that landscape!

Ok, this is my major personal acheivement... my friend's bachelorette party was last weekend and it was an "old fashioned bbq and creek float" and I floated in the creek for 2 hours!!!! That is my greatest fear in life! Seriously, I was so scared, you have no idea! Stick me in a pitch black house with a convicted murderer waiting to shoot me up and I probably have less anxiety than when I'm in that brown water. I think if a massive force wind came up and shoved me in the marsh grass I would've passed out into a coma. hahahah. I deserve a 4 foot trophy and a tiara for that acheivement!

I was too busy trying not to poop my pants out of fear, so I didn't even remember to bring my camera, but this is a painting of what the creek looked's so deceiving. Look how beautiful it appears all the meanwhile MONSTERS lurk under the water! Lol.

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Home school Mom said...

Awww.....I LOVE the cute black and white pic of the boys in the water! How SWEET! They look like they love life! ;)
Love the cool shades too. How do they keep them on....or not broke....or not lost...blah. My kids can't seem to hang onto them long enough to wear them....but they do look cool! ;))