Tuesday, July 20, 2010

There must be a storm trooper garbage man in North Charleston....

Seriously, Check it.
What is that you say??

Why it's the storm trooper garbage man's gun of course!

Oh, who am I kidding. I'm such a scavenger, if I were a garabage man girl, I'd probably need a uhaul camper top to store all of my free curbside loot!

God knows how in gray is right now so He painted the sky just for us. How cool is this. I love stormy summer weather!

Speaking of God sending us awesome things, we have the most incredible new nanny! She is a really strong Christian and it shows in all she does. She adores the boys and they love her so much. The moment she gets to the house in the morning, both boys beg for her to hold them. She has a teaching degree and it shows. She is so creative. Every day she thinks of fun things for them to do and she is teaching them spanish too. For the past 2 months we've taken a break from learning, but now we're back. We spent 8 weeks total on the six days of creation. If you are ever looking for ideas of what to do with your toddler, look no further than the creation story. The last few weeks were God created man & awesome healthy food in the Garden of Eden. We're also studying the letters of Judah's name and each individual number.

Speaking of healthy foods. Lately we haven't been able to afford much fruit or veggies, so this weekend I said we HAVE to hit up the flea market for some stuff. If you live in Charleston, you HAVE to go.  Now mind you, this is all home grown/locally grown, except for the bananas.
7 cucumbers $1
7 tomatoes $1
seedless watermelon $2
16 bananas $2
You can't beat dat with a stick. Well you could, but then all of your delicious food would be SMASHED.

I remember my Sociology professor in college saying that humans are the only "animals" without instincts. I remember disagreeing with him. I think little boys have instincts to know how to make car and gun noises before anyone shows them. I think little boys have an instinct to love balls, cars, trains and dinosaurs. Judah has finally hit the dinosaur stage. He begs me to tell him stories about motorcycles and dinosaurs all day long. The other night I told him this story: (brief version)
One night, after Christmas, Judah and Quinny had some Christmas money from their Bisa and they decided to hop on their motorcycles and drive to Toys R Us and buy whatever they wanted. Judah chose a giant T-rex and Quinn chose a train with a train track.
Here is where Judah is compelled to interject into my story. (with eyes as big as saucers)
Ummm, yep. Actually I'm sure that's exactly  how it'd go down.

While Judah is now obsessed with dinosaurs, Quinn has fallen in love with a much more domesticated animal. Horses. He carries around his horses, or a horse and a dinosaur and makes the horses roar really loud (imitating Judah and his dinosaurs). I hate to burst his bubble one day that a fight between a velociraptor and a beautiful stallion with a fluffy white mane and an english riding sadle, the velociraptor will probably win. But a little boy can imagine Right?


Robinson Family said...

A new nanny! Happy day! I know how relived you all have to be. She sounds JUST what you prayed for and needed...humm...imagine that! Go God! And LOVE the water gun on the garbage truck! How did you notice that?! For crazy dogs maybe? Hah! So wishing I could get my paws on a $2 melon! That's better than WallyWorld!

Home school Mom said...

ha ha....I love the garbage truck! I love to go 'junking', so I think that would be fun to find treasures everyday! ;) It's really good I'm not a garbage man either! hee!

My white comforter......solution......6 lb. yorkies and a high bed. :D They can't jump up there at ALL! Stays white as long as my husbands hands are clean when he touches it! LOL :)