Thursday, July 15, 2010's gettin hot in herrre...

Remember about our electrical problem, well this is our knight in shining armor that came to turn off the electricity so my dear hubby and our amazing friend Kyle didn't electrocute themselves.... the kids were so impressed with the truck. I would be this excited if a free ice cream truck was outside our house.
We were without power for four hours on a day that was approximately 189 degrees. That was incredible, lemme tell you.  The SCE&G just so happened to come at the exact time I was dying my hair, so I couldn't even take the boys to leave to get away from the heat until after that was done and by the time I could rinse it out, change and leave, we were all nasty anyways. Thank God for A/C! I never take that for granted!  
The pant-less wonders.
Mother, donde esta mi pantalones?

Fun with our Q's.
Now THAT is a lot of boys! Elizabeth & I are outnumbered!
Auntie E just scored mega cool points with the boys when she let them lick the brownie bowl! (not that she needed more cool points with the boys)..........

Judah and his cuz, Gavin. What love....
Gavin's toe ring was SO impressive. I think it's real ruby!
Quinn is my animal lover. He was obsessed with the animals all night long. The Q's have 3 dogs and 1 cat, and even the neighbor dog came over to say hi- Quinny was in domesticated animal heaven.

Ok, so either I'm a lunatic or a genius. I'm not sure which, I'm leaning towards lunatic.  I decided to move both boys in the same room together and make Judah's room a play room. I wanted to do this after Quinn turned two. Since he's 18 months, I figured, why not now? What difference will a few months make? So, I researched a bunch of sites to see people's opinions and experience in moving kids in the same room. Most comments were very positive, so I figured why not?
The new playroom. I'll be tweaking it as I go (aka, when I have some money), but this is the initial stages. And I have a toy-free living room, the boys have a 3 potential areas now to play during the day between the kitchen, their playroom and the living room and i finally was able to set up their "craft" area with their little table and chairs that have been sitting in our shed for 2 years....
If the kids wake each other up too often after a few weeks, we'll separate them, but it's worth a shot! I think Guillermo and I will just sleep on an air mattress and turn our room into a game room.... I'm thinking indoor hockey area, indoor basketball goal, basically a big empty room where we can get our baller on. Seriously, if G saw this, he'd be like YES!! Let's do it right now.

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Home school Mom said...

Ok, Martha Stewart.....Look at YOU! :) LOVE, LOVE your new playroom! Where did you get that awesome rug? How cool! I love all the shelves and wood furniture! I can't wait to decorate my new home! You're an inspiration! Very cool, girl! :D